2013 A to Z Blog Challenge

I’m going to take part in the 2013 A to Z Blog Challenge for the month of April. http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com Each day of the month except for Sundays, I’ll write a post using the letter of the day. My theme for the blog will be books and I’ll need 26 books for the challenge. There will be over 1000 bloggers taking up the challenge this year and blogging about anything and everything.

To all you lovely hard-working authors who would like to help me and have their books written about each day? Send me a message, you can submit as many books as you like, but if there are several book titles for one particular letter of the alphabet then I will have overall decision as to which book I include that day.

Priority will be given to any author who has recently been a guest author on this blog, there is still plenty of time during March to become a guest It’s not a closed case.

The letter “T” has already been taken by my own book, but the rest of the alphabet is FREE!

Here’s what I’d like;

Send me the letter of the alphabet which you would like the book submitted under.

The book title.

A short link to where it can be purchased.

A  3 – 4 sentence book summary. As the challenge is about blogging and not just advertising please add something individual about each book entry. For instance; what inspired you to write this book, have you had a special interview regarding the book, what is unique about one of the characters, have you recently improved the cover or launched it as an audio book, that sort of thing.

The last few letters left to fill are; K,Q,U and X. Any help will be much appreciated. (26/03/13)

Thanks for taking part,