Good Deeds Week 3rd – 9th November

Join me in my weekly diary of Good Deeds, where I’m trying a year long challenge to do at least one Good Deed a day for a whole year. This challenge was inspired by Judith O’Reilly and her book “A Year of Doing Good” which I read back in April. Along the way I’ve inspired others and it’s never too late to join in.

Good deedsNovember 3rd – Paid forward lots of tweeting for other authors and internet friends today on an otherwise quiet day spent with the family.

November 4th – Emptied out all my loose change into my jam jar which has been neglected for a while. Picked up and delivered a huge bag of potatoes for a friend. Started my Christmas shopping! Good deeds received; When I called at the farm for the potatoes the farmer offered to come out and put 2 bags in my car for me rather than me struggling them in myself (which I usually do, but they are heavy even if they are a bargain) Made a donation to The Poppy Appeal.

November 5th – My blogging friend Harula posted a lovely letter to a stranger on her blog today the idea being to leave it somewhere for a stranger to find like a book or a bench at the park.  Here are the last few lines which I found beautiful;

May love fill your days

May peace bless your nights

and May joy fill your heart

With love from one like you, who walks this path of life, one step at a time.

It has inspired me to find somewhere to leave such a letter myself. Wrote an overdue e-mail to a friend to invite her for a coffee and a chat.

November 6th – Posted a book review for Randy Mixter who will return to the blog for a guest author interview in a few weeks, drafted up another guest author interview which will appear in a few more days. Have been sorting out a coffee date with a friend that I need to catch up with. Have been reading a book by Louise Hay and planning to change the bad negative words which come out of my mouth all too often, they are of no use to anyone! Good Deeds received; Lots of thanks and appreciation for the potatoes which I had delivered to my friend, they are so much nicer than many from the supermarket.

November 7th – Off out to the local country market this morning, bought some cakes and jars of marmalade which I’ll use in Christmas parcels. Caught up with a friend who had been thinking of catching up with me only this week, what a great coincidence.

November 8th – Sent an e-mail out to some friends so that we can get together as a group for coffee and a catch up of news. Have been planning some more of my Christmas ideas and thought I might try making a parcel of a selection of my favourite recipes, and adding them to some cooking accessories or even the ingredients to make one of the recipes. Good deeds received: thanks and enthusiasm for our coffee date from one of our group.

I Love Your Face

Today’s BIG Challenge on Capital Radio is to text your Boss “I Love Your Face” to cheer them up and see what their response is. Following on from yesterday when Olly Murs was in the studio and was persuaded to send this text to Simon Cowell

Check out the interview with Olly and the text dare