Personal Alchemy : The Missing Ingredient For The Law Of Attraction Success by Michelle Dobbins

Personal Alchemy: The Missing Ingredient For Law Of Attraction SuccessPersonal Alchemy: The Missing Ingredient For Law Of Attraction Success by Michelle Martin Dobbins

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I was scrolling through the list of books that were free on Kindle and this book popped up. I’m really glad it did because I do have an interest in making things balance. I read all sorts of self help books, gathering inspiration and support for my life.

This was a simple easy read, full of good advice, web sites to follow up research with and positive ways to improve the feel of your life. Everyone has times in their life when they feel really good, I’m happiest with my books. Other times are harder, dealing with any form of salesman makes me shudder. In both of these situations we have our own vibrations, which vary with our feelings.

The idea behind the book is to recognise the feelings when we are happy and raise feelings of the harder moments in our lives to match, to have a positive effect on out lives. Reading this book left me all happy, warm and fuzzy.

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What about you? Have you ever stopped to consider how you feel in any situation and consciously made an effort to change that feeling?