“Z” AtoZ Challenge Final Day

The Last letter of the Challenge is Z, I did worry that I wouldn’t be able to fill some of the trickier letters but Wodke came through for me. This book contains horror and violence and is not suitable for some readers. Wodke Hawkinson is the name under which writing duo PJ Hawkinson and K Wodke release their co-authored works. Wodke Hawkinson’s multi-genre style gives the readers a rich and varied experience. As always I ask for comments to be left at the bottom of the post as part of the challenge. Thanks.

The letter Z.
For ZEKE by Wodke Hawkinson.
Link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008J9DH2M

Summary: Sue Cox falls for the new clerk at the bookstore. She leaves town with the man, and as they travel, he becomes increasingly deviant and volatile. Soon, her life is in danger.
Comment: Zeke is a harsh lesson in the fact that good looks can hide a wicked heart.

Image of Wodke Hawkinson

Zeke is a dark novel of sexual obsession, psychological manipulation, and looming peril. Sue Cox is a naïve college student who falls for the exciting new clerk at the local used bookstore. Captivated by Zeke’s brooding good looks and menacing but irresistible charisma, Sue capitulates to his will, leaving her wide open for exploitation. Zeke begins to exert subtle control and entices her to leave town with him. As they travel, his behaviour grows more deviant and increasingly volatile. After Sue’s car is found deserted in an outlying cemetery, the police dismiss her parents’ concerns since it appears Sue left willingly. The Coxes immediately hire William Falstaff, a small-town private investigator. He begins his inquiry with only two objectives: first, to verify that Sue’s departure is voluntary; and second, to provide her family with information on her whereabouts. A simple case. However, he soon finds himself locked into a chase to save Sue’s life. Will he find her in time or will she become another victim of a cunning sociopath?
Here is what one reader thought about the book;
This is one disturbingly good read. Zeke a man who basically is the devil with a handsome face catches the eye of Sue a young naive girl who can’t believe her luck at attracting a good-looking guy.
Slowly over the months he crushes her spirit and self-worth and she is so forlorn without him that whatever he says she agrees. Zeke knows how to play on Sue’s emotions and he easily manipulates her.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘Zeke’ “is he really twisted?” Well yes he is. He is a sexual psychopath, who can lay on the charm and knows how to mislead the innocent to gain his own satisfaction.
Very dark, twisted read. Its graphic and haunting.
A psychological suspense that’s well worth a read.
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“X” on the AtoZ Challenge

With the last 3 letters of the AtoZ Challenge to go, I bring you the letter “X”. XO: A Kathryn Dance Thriller by Jeffery Deaver. I previously read The Blue Nowhere by Jeffery and reviewed it here on the blog http://wp.me/p2Eu3u-ga Please add a comment below after you’ve read this post because it’s all part of the challenge, thanks.

Kayleigh Towne is a beautiful and successful singer-songwriter, and Edwin Sharp is her biggest fan. When she replies to one of his fan letters with ‘XO’, Edwin is convinced she loves him, and that her latest hit song ‘Your Shadow’ was written for him. Nothing Kayleigh or her lawyers can say persuades him otherwise.
Then the singer gets an anonymous phone call; it’s the first verse of ‘Your Shadow’ playing. Soon after, one of the crew is horribly murdered. Kayleigh’s friend Kathryn Dance, a special agent with the California Bureau of Investigation, knows that stalking crimes are not one-off occurrences, and, sure enough, more verses of the song are played as warnings of death to follow. With a little help from forensic criminalist Lincolyn Rhyme, Dance must use her kinesic and investigative skills in an attempt to find the killer before more people die.
Deaver has written the actual song, ‘Your Shadow’. Readers will be able to download it from http://www.jefferydeaver.com.
XO (Kathryn Dance, #3)

One reader thought this about the book;

XO twists and turns and never disappoints. I finished the book in less than a day. Deaver is the master of the art of plotting stories of personal terror. His characters are complex, his dialogue is simple, and his pacing is perfect.

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“U” from the AtoZ Challenge

Today the letter on the challenge is “U”. My book today is “Under the Never Tree” by Veronica Rossi. As part of the daily challenge we are asking all readers of our post to leave a comment, thanks.



Aria has lived her whole life in the protected dome of Reverie. Her entire world confined to its spaces, she’s never thought to dream of what lies beyond its doors. So when her mother goes missing, Aria knows her chances of surviving in the outer wasteland long enough to find her are slim.

Then Aria meets an outsider named Perry. He’s searching for someone too. He’s also wild – a savage – but might be her best hope at staying alive.

If they can survive, they are each other’s best hope for finding answers.

Product Details

One reader wrote this about the book;

Despite the slow start, Under The Never Sky turned into a fast paced, thrilling ride which had me hooked. It’s tough, bloody and action packed at times with some heart stopping moments that kept me turning pages as fast as I could. Although I was baffled with the world to begin with, Rossi captures it so well that once you get it, it becomes believable, detailed and developed, so much so that while reading it I felt I was actually there. I would like to know what happened to make the world how it is in Under the Never Sky, as this isn’t
covered. Maybe that will come in following books in this series, which judging by the ending of this one promise to be every bit as good. If you like your
dystopia worlds bleak and ruthless with an action packed and fast paced plot, then I recommend Under The Never Sky.

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“Q” of the Ato Z Challenge

My letter today for the challenge is “Q”. I can’t believe we’ve reached this far so quickly! Quest for the Oracle is part of the Chronicles of Myriad by James Nicholas Adams As part of the challenge we are asking all readers of the posts to leave a comment, thanks!

About Quest for the Oracle;
Eight years after watching his best friend Kristine disappear, Jason embarks on a journey to find her. While exploring the Keash caves he frequented as a child, he falls and hits his head, rendered unconscious. He awakens to find himself chained up in a cage on a world unlike anything he has ever known and only an arm’s length away from Kristine. The reunion is short lived as a sudden dragon attack on their captors causes them to once again become separated. Shortly after, he meets the Prophet Tanas who takes him to meet Jerech, an Elvish king and Jason’s birth father. Here, he learns Kristine is in the hands of a nameless tyrant and embarks on a quest to free her. Along the way he discovers there is far more to the reason he is here than he thought, and he has a destiny beyond anything he ever imagined.

Chronicles of Myriad: Quest for the Oracle

One reader’s thought on the book were;

A well written book, cannot believe it’s a first from this new author and am delighted to be the first to review it. It is an exciting, fast paced adventure book that I had difficulty putting down. A baby named Jason is left on a doorstep in Ireland, the disappearance of a young girl named Kristine in the dark Keash caves in Oregon, but soon you are in another dimension where Angels, Dragons, a Dark Lord, new creatures, the destruction of the city Sherauk, magic, wars and legends emerge. A great book, it embraces danger, determination, love and courage. A must read for fantasy adventure fans!

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“P” AtoZ Challenge

This is the third and final book by Jean Fullerton on the challenge, Jean has been one of my guest authors http://wp.me/p2Eu3u-j0 and will be taking part in The Very British Blog Tour 2013.http://wp.me/p2Eu3u-dQ During the challenge we are asking everyone to PLEASE leave a comment, thanks.

Jean has given us some behind the scenes material about her book Perhaps Tomorrow;

Perhaps Tomorrow is set in Victorian East London- Jack the Ripper hunting ground. The heroine is Mattie Maguire, a young widow struggling to keep the family coal yard running and raise her young son. Enter Nathanial Tate recently escaped convict from Botany Bay. When he meets Mattie Nathaniel quickly realises the man he seeks Amos Stebbins also threatens Mattie but very soon Nathaniel’s quest to bring Amos Stebbins to justice take on a sinister twist.  Again the story is set in and around the impoverished streets of London’s dockland.

Product Details

Mattie Maguire is a twenty-six-year-old widow with an infant son. Since her husband, Brian, died three years before, she has struggled to keep the family’s East End coal business solvent, as well as taking care of her troubled mother-in-law. But unbeknown to Mattie, life is about to get even tougher. Maguire’s is in the path of the proposed Wapping to Mile End Railway extension that Amos Stebbins is trying to raise capital for, and he has his sights set on the deeds of the coal yard. Outwardly, Amos is a respectably married local benefactor. But he has a darker side and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Nathaniel Tate is the son of a poor farmer who used to be employed by Amos as a clerk, until he was wrongfully convicted of embezzling money that Amos stole. Sent to a penal colony in Botany Bay, Sydney, Nathaniel escaped after receiving the news that his wife and children had died. Now he has returned to London, hell-bent on killing Amos, whom he holds responsible for his family’s destruction. Tracking Amos down to Maguire’s, a desperate and penniless Nathaniel accepts Mattie’s offer of work. But as Nathaniel begins to help Mattie turn around the fortunes of the business, and the pair grow ever closer, he starts to think less of revenge and more of the possibility of a future with Mattie. That is until a furious Amos reveals Nathaniel’s true identity to Mattie – and the police.

Buy Perhaps Tomorrow on Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/Perhaps-Tomorrow-ebook/dp/B004JHY6VY/ref=la_B002BOD3HA_1_5_bnp_1_kin?ie=UTF8&qid=1363721093&sr=1-5

Here is what one reader thought about the book;

I have been eagerly awaiting this third book by the very talented Jean Fullerton. I loved her first two books, No Cure For Love and A Glimpse at Happiness and this one is even better.
It has all the ingredients of a bestseller. A cracking story, totally authentic and historically accurate setting and her best hero to date. Nathaniel Tate lights up the page; he’s tough,resourceful, intelligent and totally scrumptious. He is an escaped convict (having been sent to Botany Bay)and has returned to seek revenge on the man who sent him there.
This man is Amos Stebbins. Stebbins is everything a villain should be; on the outside a pillar of society but actually totally corrupt.
Mattie Maguire is the perfect match for Nathaniel. She is running the coal yard that Stebbins is trying to obtain by deception, but is barely making ends meet. Nathaniel, of course, helps her turn round the fortunes of the business and the two of them fall in love.There are many exciting twists and turns before the two of them are safe from the machinations of the evil Stebbins.I was captivated from the very first page and sat up late two nights in a row in order to finish the book. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Now there is another long wait until her next book appears.
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“O” of the AtoZ Challenge

Letter “O” brings us a book by Karen Whitaker. We are now over half way through the challenge, I can’t believe how fast it’s going. PLEASE try to leave a comment below, they are greatly appreciated as part of the challenge. Lastly I hope you enjoy reading about  Karen’s book.

Here is my submission for the letter “O”.

The book title:
One Woman’s Choice



Here’s what Karen had to say about her book;

One Woman’s Choice is a true story of a young female and her journey into adulthood and eventually motherhood.  It digs deep within the emotions and issues that women face every day.  But mostly, it’s a story of faith and perseverance.  It’s about believing in yourself, your choices and your decisions.

Thank you so much for your interest and including me in your AtoZ 2013 challenge

One Woman's Choice

A little more about the book;

One Woman’s Choice depicts a heartfelt and emotional story about a young woman who faced difficult decisions: abortion, single parenting, and adoption. Lingering in sorrow and guilt can be destructive. Examining the past and re-analysing life and previous choices can help one to cope with emotional pain. Karen Whitaker delves deep within her past and shares her own story to help other women overcome fear and helplessness. Facing the realities of abortion and adoption can empower women and establish a voice of strength that heals the heart and restores faith. One Woman’s Choice is a story about faith and the undying will to persevere and survive, no matter the obstacle. This is not a debate over Pro-choice or Pro-life, but an inspiring example of how one woman overcame the odds.

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“N” On the AtoZ Challenge

With the letter “N” I bring you the second book on the challenge written by author Jean Fullerton. Jean has recently appeared on the blog as a guest author http://wp.me/p2Eu3u-j0 and I will be hosting her as part of The Very British Blog Tour 2013.http://wp.me/p2Eu3u-dQ During the challenge we are asking everyone to leave a comment as part of the big blog push, thanks.

Here is some inside information from Jean about todays book “No Cure for Love”;

No Cure for Love. Is set in Victorian East London and features the lovely red-haired Irish heroine Ellen O’Casey. With a voice and face of an angel Ellen attracts Doctor Robert Munroe who falls for her the moment he sees her. Unfortunately, she also catches the eye of Danny Donavan, the head a criminal gang whose motives aren’t so honourable. As Ellen and Robert fall in love they must battle not only the social gulf that divides them but also the deadly danger of crossing Danny Donavan.

You’ll fall in love with Ellen O’Casey, an Irish Catholic immigrant, is struggling to support her ailing mother, her teenage daughter and herself. Washing other people’s laundry in the day, and singing in bawdy pubs at night, Ellen is determined to make a better life for her family by saving enough for the passage to New York where the rest of her extended family have already emigrated. But Danny Donovan, a local gangster and the landlord of the pubs where Ellen sings, intends to make her his mistress. A widow in her late 20s, Ellen has refused to let another man in her life, least of all the brutish Danny, whose advances she doggedly resists.


About the Author

Jean Fullerton is a native Londoner and was born in the East End within the sound of Bow Bells. Until she was five her family lived in Wapping, alongside the Thames, and then moved to Stepney. She is a trained nurse and teaches healthcare and nursing. Her husband is a Church of England vicar, and his parish includes the site of the 2012 Olympic Games. She has three daughters.

Buy No Cure for Love http://www.amazon.co.uk/No-Cure-for-Love-ebook/dp/B003NUSBEG/ref=pd_sim_kinc_2

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P.S. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those touched by the Boston Marathon bombs.

“L” On the AtoZ Challenge

Letter “L” is for Lemon and Lace by Jenny Worstall. I first discovered Jenny’s writing when I read her book “Make a Joyful Noise” you can catch up with my review of this book here on my blog http://wp.me/p2Eu3u-5F Jenny’s book (Make a Joyful Noise) was also featured on my review page in the April edition of Fleet Life. We met another book by Jenny on Thursday with the letter “J” for Jubilee Violin.

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‘L’ for Lemon and Lace.
Lemon and Lace is a bittersweet collection of short stories about love and choice. It is permanently free on smashwords.

Product Details

This is a review from one of her readers;

This trio of short stories perfectly illustrate slices of life: The introductory story assures us that yes, love is passed down through the generations. The second story poignantly follows a widow as she comes to terms with her loss, while the third and title story is an all too familiar one of newly weds and new parents learning to compromise; this time with ironic results!These stories are beautifully written, and the author’s keen eye for human foibles and descriptive writing combine to give a delightful read. I’ve read all of Ms. Worstall’s ebooks now, and always finish reading feeling uplifted and relaxed. I’m hoping that there’s another full length novel to join “Make a Joyful Noise” soon.

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“K” of the AtoZ Challenge

My letter today is “K”. My book today is; Knowing me, knowing you by Mandy Baggot. As part of the challenge we are asking all readers of the posts to leave a comment, thanks!

BRING ON THE LOVE!! Recently single mother Kate is struggling. Clinging on to a career and bringing up her 2-year-old daughter leads to nights alone drowning her sorrows in the cheapest white wine she can find. Forced to employ Joel, a male escort, to accompany her to a professionals’ dinner, Kate somehow ends up in the middle of a relationship contest, competing for a £100,000 prize alongside someone she barely knows.With her boss, the Lady Dragon Miranda, desperate for Kate to flounder, her tarot card reading child-minder
trying to match-make and her ex-husband making her life a misery, can Kate keep her life on an even keel? And more importantly can she put her trust in a serial dater who used to be an underwear model?

Product Details

This is what on reader thought about the book;

Knowing me Knowing You is another great love story from Mandy Baggot. You can’t help cheering Kate on from the start of the story wanting and willing her to change the desperate situation she has found herself in. This is a romantic feel good read that’s got an excellent storyline, great humour, and a superb cast of characters. You can count on Mandy Baggot’s books for an entertaining and enjoyable read.

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“J” AtoZ Challenge

For the letter “J” on the A to Z Challenge, the book is Jubilee Violin by Jenny Worstall. Jenny has been a guest author on my blog http://wp.me/p2Eu3u-dp and has also joined me on The Very British Blog Tour; http://wp.me/p2Eu3u-dQ I have previously read and reviewed another of Jenny’s books called “Make a Joyful Noise” which was beaten to the post in the race for the letter “M” in the challenge, but you can read my review of it here; http://wp.me/p2Eu3u-5F. The book also appears as one of my reviews in the April edition of Fleet Life.

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‘J’ for Jubilee Violin. An inside word from Jenny;
Jubilee Violin is a collection of three short stories. The title story is based on the true story of a very generous lady violinist who could no longer play due to ill ness and so lent her violin to a young student. My daughter is the young student and she played the violin to the Queen as part of the Jubilee celebrations last summer (as a member of a well-known children’s orchestra).

Here is a review by one reader;

In this compilation of three short stories comprising about 3,000 words, author Jenny Worstall displays both her talent and her range: the collection is an eclectic one. Though the stories are brief, they ARE stories, as opposed to mere vignettes or “slices of life,” in that each story involves a protagonist with a clearly stated goal and a decision to make. In each, the protagonist’s decision comes with consequences…The title cut involves an aged violinist who must choose between holding on to her memories and “paying it forward.” In “Turning Point,” a wife and mother decides whether her job is worth the concomitant loss of quality time with her family. “Doll’s House” demonstrates the danger inherent in thinking evil-if perhaps justifiable-thoughts.

I have no hesitation in recommending JUBILEE VIOLIN, and I do so enthusiastically.

Product Details

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