Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT E.L. reviews As Snow Falls by @ElleKlass

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As Snow Falls is a simple, unusual story, in which Elle Klass affords us a glimpse of a woman’s life in its entirety. The novella begins with an old woman, who has reached the end of her life, reminiscing about the unusual twists and turns it has taken.

The novella starts off in an almost cinematic style, which is very effective and allows the reader to get a vivid image of where the old woman is. The isolation is emphasised, not only by the fact that she is in a cabin far from the beaten track, but also due to the heavy snowfall that will further cut the cabin off from the world.

The style of the novella is unusual in that there are no characters, dialogue or interactions. All events are related to us by the old woman, who remains nameless, which creates a sense of distance, seeming to further isolate us from her. Each chapter is essentially a memory which ends with a description of the old woman resting in her chair, waiting to die. This repetition and rhythm mirrors the rhythm of the woman’s life.

The woman’s memories begin in the womb with her reluctance to leave her “sanctuary” and thus start a journey that is not always easy. The woman is a prickly character, especially during her childhood and young adulthood, where she finds it difficult to get on with people. She sees society as an “evil” form forcing her to attend school and then go into the work place where she is unhappy.

The novella adopts a supernatural/spiritual tone, when the woman meets a seeming stranger in a park, and decides to change her life by embarking upon several years of travel. Dreams and premonitions also feature heavily in the story. The woman’s life improves when she finds true love and from then on her memories are the more conventional ones of marriage, children and the loss of loved ones.

I think As Snow Falls has a lot to recommend it. Klass is clearly an assured writer and she sets a scene of isolation beautifully. My only misgiving is that the nature of the story makes it difficult to connect with what is essentially the only character in the book. Klass clearly demonstrates how we are all isolated within ourselves, no matter how much we may love other people but has ultimately isolated us from the heart of the story by not allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in it. That being said, I really admire the fact that Klass has tried to do something different with her writing and if you are looking for an original, quirky read then you should give this one a try.

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Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Amanda reviews As Snow Falls by @ElleKlass

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I read this book as part of Rosie’s book review team member i would like thank Rosie and Elle for sending me a copy of her book for me to read and review for you all

What a harrowing and dark tale this book is . It packed with emotions it all about family,  their life’s , the dreams with all have .we should follow are dreams if you can

It the memories of an old lady she not got a name but i think she needed one i would have help me to relate to her more what do you think ?

We get to hear all about the births , deaths , the children and her grandkids sometimes it hard to read things seem to be very tough at times

I did feel she was a bit selfish at times she just seem to do things could she not see the reaction of what she did have on people   I felt she struggle to find her place in life

She did not have a good job the children at the school she was a teacher at did not seem to warm to her ways i enjoy hearing about her life the earthquake would have been so scary the family had a few troubles to deal with it was had for them it told in a heartbreaker way

This is one lady life story she telling you her tale it so simple it just a very through provoking tale you just get pulled into the tale as the storm falls out side your inside this log cabin miles from others she just telling you  all her memories

It very well written the details are very strong you can picture it all in your mind you just get pulled into her life it a good easy to follow read  It would be a nice tale to read on a cold night with a nice hot chocolate and cream in your hand

I did enjoy it just make you think about life.

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