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Jenni has been reading Rise Of The Zombies by Cyra King

Rise Of The Zombies by Cyra King

Halloween will have long since come and gone by the time this review posts, but Cyra King’s gory debut, Rise of the Zombies, should not be viewed as merely a seasonal treat. Follow nurse Megan Cole as she trudges through the last day of normalcy on earth, and then leap a year forward to the rest of her un-life as she and her lover, Mike, struggle to survive the desecrated landscape, and steady decay of their own bodies, in post-Z Salt Lake City.

Yes, Megan and Mike as zombies, “zegans” actually, conscious and hungry, and trying desperately to resist their more cannibalistic urges. But all is not love and rotting raccoons in Mike and Megan’s world, the Z Council, which governs every sentient zombie in Salt Lake City, is helmed by a madman bent only on expanding his own power, and on drawing Mike and Megan into his twisted machinations.

On the other side of the safety cordon, a team of human scientists is working on a cure, or maybe something much, much darker. Something the Z Council, the remnants of the American military, and every, slowly rotting zombie in the world, would kill to get their hands on. Something that Mike and Megan will be thrown in the middle of when the Z Council calls and a guinea pig is needed.

Loyalties, love, and willpower are going to be tested, people will die, desperation will make many strange bedfellows, and the consistency of a human eyeball will be contemplated, all before Rise of the Zombies reaches its dramatic conclusion….

Or maybe… maybe, this is only the beginning.

Vivid, disgusting, depraved, and delicious, from a woman who obviously relishes her gore and likes to make it cerebral, King is off to a promising start, and I for one, cannot wait where her series lurches, shambles, and feasts its way to next.


Orange rose book description
Book description

Double shifts and burnout are all in a day’s work for Nurse Megan Cole. No one’s going to die on her watch. Then a viral apocalypse kills all her patients and turns her into a sentient zombie, forcing her to re-evaluate both her life goals and dietary habits.

Fast-forward a year, the city is ruled by the ruthless Salt Lake Z Council. But with her boyfriend Mike by her side, things are okay—until the Council sends Mike to infiltrate the army. When Megan discovers a mangled corpse days later, her world—and the illusions around it—shatter.

Don Meier, the nation’s top surviving scientist, is close to finding an antidote. However, the final test run is a disaster. The Council gets wind of the ‘cure’ and imposes their sinister agenda under the guise of salvation.

Smack in the middle of mayhem are Megan and her new found friends—a motley crew of conscientious Zegans. While they try to prevent the Council from destroying their only hope, Don risks his wife and son’s safety to unravel a military conspiracy.

It’s a tight race for Megan and Don to rescue humanity before there’s nobody left to save.

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Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT The Turning Of The World by John Privilege #PostApocalyptic

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Cathy chose to read and review The Turning Of The World by John Privilege


Sally and Bobby have just moved into their dream house on the outskirts of Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland. Meeting Sally had changed Bobby’s life completely, bringing him from his native Canada across the world to somewhere that had not even been on his radar. He is looking forward to his new job as a lecturer in engineering and he and Sally are socializing and getting to know their new neighbours. Then reports begin to filter through on the radio and TV. The outbreak of a new strain of flu in the far east.

As the summer progresses the reports become more frequent and increasingly urgent, all downplayed to the point of deliberate untruths, by the government. It turns out the Quang-Tri flu is deadly and spreads like wildfire. If the disease is caught, it kills, there is no cure. The frightening part is the infection can be passed on even before an individual is aware they’re sick. It only takes one person unknowingly mingling in a crowd to spread the disease to thousands, which then multiplies even more…

The very realistic and gritty storyline is vividly described in chilling detail. The fallout after a catastrophe of such immense proportions is horrendous. As the survivors attempt to find loved ones, a place of safety and to just stay alive from one day to the next, their ever-changing situations and  feelings are illustrated extremely well. Their world is falling apart and, living in constant fear and with the lack of everything they took for granted, the situation brings out the absolute worst, and occasionally the best, in people. There are those who will go to any lengths, and do whatever it takes to survive.

It’s a grim scenario with looted and burnt out houses everywhere, stripped of anything and everything, and people killing each other indiscriminately. Trouble in one form or another, could and often does, happen at any given moment, painting a stark picture of an apocalyptic world where nothing is as it was. There are some lighter moments and a small number of people who manage to mostly hold fast to their values and principles as much as they can under the circumstances. All in all, a really good and very thought-provoking read. John Privilege is definitely an author to watch.

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