Round and Round by Terry Tyler

Round And RoundRound And Round by Terry Tyler

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have a special interest in the afterlife, so this book hit the spot for me. Sophie Heron is fast approaching her fortieth birthday and the future looks bleak. Aunt Flick who died a few years ago said “I’ll always be with you” and Sophie visits her special Angel tree where she talks to the departed Flick.

She reflects on her own life. Looking back to 1997, the year her friend Tallulah introduced her to a new slimming programme. The weight she dropped was fantastic, it gave her a confidence boost, a new job and four Valentine’s cards. One card from Chris White, safe, stable live-in partner. Another from Sebastian Charteris, posh-boy artist who understood Sophie’s creative side. The third was from Neil Raines, assistant Director at the theatre where she acted and the fourth was from Kieran Greenleaf, a musician who lived a carefree life in a VW Campervan.

Choices, choices, Sophie looks back longingly to that time when she had a choice of four men and wonders what life with each one would have been like and did she make the right choice? Aunt Flick moves in mysterious ways and I did have to smile when reading several chapters of this book, I was sat in my tiny garden and a pair of pigeons decided to join me. They sat extremely close to me on the fence and as I read of Sophie’s adventures they proceeded to kiss and cuddle. Pigeons, I believe mate for life and these two looked particularly content. Find out if Flick answered Sophie’s pleas of “Help me” yourself in this lovely book.

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24 Sleeps ’til Xmas Tour “Christmas Guardian Angel” by E. B Sullivan (Day 5)

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Christmas Guardian Angel by E. B Sullivan

Book description courtesy of Goodreads:

In their first encounter, Isabella becomes infatuated with Marc a handsome young man who makes fantastic potato chips. Fifteen years later while Isabella purchases a picturesque Victorian house she discovers Marc is the seller. His magnetism stirs her emotions and pulls her into his troubled world.
Soon Isabella realizes her new house, nestled deep in the woods, is haunted. By communicating with the house’s spirit, she hopes to learn secrets, which can help Marc resolve his conflicted past and move him into the future. During the process, her love for him intensifies. As Christmas approaches, Isabella longs for Marc to return her affection.

Just 62 pages this book is available in kindle format. Published by Summer Solstice Publishing

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As part of my year of Good Deeds Challenge, in the run up to Christmas linking with the season of Goodwill I’m making daily suggestions of Good Deeds that you can join in with. Today why not send an overdue e-mail to a friend.

Community Storyboard Prompt

There is a prompt over at the community storyboard to write a piece about an object in the room.

Here is my piece;

There’s an Angel in the room with me everyday. Some days I need my Angel and other days whizz by without a thought.

My Angel reaches out to me and offers advice from within, words of wisdom and comfort. I’m very young in the world of Angels, with much to learn, mistakes to make and my own path to take. My Angel is a picture on the box of a pack of cards. Inside are shinny glossy cards to shuffle and hold, to ponder and read. Given to me by a friend they are to use as I wish to accept or reject as the whim takes me.

I love to feel the cards and pretend they call to me. I close my eyes and choose a card, sometimes more than one and I delight in turning them over and reading their advice. I keep it simple, I yearn to feel the light and just enjoy the moment.

Let’s play the game; I’ll shuffle the cards and you think of me, I’ll draw out a card for us to share today…..

The card we’ve chosen is so very apt;

“Imagination” – it says “Thoughts are the building bricks of life, for everything begins with a thought. Add creativity to thoughts and you have imagination!” (Pocket Angel Cards by Diana Cooper)

Go forth and be creative!