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Stargate Week

This week I’m bringing you reviews of 7 books linked with the Stargate TV series.

I fell in love with the series back in 1994 when hubby and I were in New York. We decided to go to the movies one afternoon, not having heard of any of the films on offer, we randomly chose the fist original Stargate Movie, when the series eventually aired in the UK we couldn’t wait to watch and I went on to get all the season box-sets and films so that I could watch them over and over.

With companion books to the series now available, I can now indulge in more from my favourite TV characters. I originally bought my first companion books for my hubby, but couldn’t resist reading them myself, even if it did take a year to get through my TBR pile before I could reach them, perhaps the wait was meant to be.

I recently reviewed Sunrise, posting my review and even making a YouTube video about the book which I had enjoyed so much, that when Stargate Novels contacted me about reviewing some more of their books, I jumped at the chance, this week will be a mix of books jumping all around the Stargate Seasons, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did reading them.

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A Matter of Honor (Stargate SG-1, #3)A Matter of Honor by Sally Malcolm
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Matter Of Honor is a companion book to the TV series Stargate SG-1, it is book #1 in a two book storyline. It opens with Colonel Jack O’Neill attending a memorial service for members of an SG team who were “killed in action”. That is the official line, however the truth is they are trapped after a sun imploded causing a black hole and contracting time. Jack is filled with guilt as his “Nobody gets left behind” policy failed these people.

The storyline then moves to the SGC. Senator Kinsey insists on sending a man from his political team to handle treaty negotiations on planet P4X-481 with the Kinahhi. Distrustful of Kinsey’s reasons, Hammond sends SG-1 to escort Ambassador Crawford.

Jack immediately irritates Crawford and old feuds between the military and civilian interference surface, with Crawford determined to seek revenge. There is extremely tight security from the Kinahhi people, they hint at trouble. However they do show advanced technology. Jack and Sam are particularly interested in their anti-gravity systems. Could this be a way to save Boyd and his team from the black hole disaster?

Unfortunately with Crawford in charge of negotiations the anti-gravity technology is not on offer. The team get caught up in the fight with the dissidents and Jack comes home with an injured team and ethical problems. While they were there Daniel found links to Baal on the planet and after Jack’s recent capture and torture by Baal they are reluctant to go forward with complex plans which might mean they could gather the materials they need to rescue Boyd.

This book has all the ingredients of one of the top TV SG-1 episodes; Jack’s many-sided character and great dialogue, Daniel chasing mythology, Sam after new technology and Teal’c strong and powerful full of faith and keeping everyone in check. There was plenty of trouble caused by Kinsey’s man and a great Goa’uld stronghold climax. The storyline will be completed in book #2 “The Cost Of Honor.”

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One of the reasons I love Stargate is the great dialogue, here is a quote from Stargate SG-1: Fallen

Jack O’Neill: All I’m sayin’, just for the record, this is the wackiest plan we’ve ever come up with.
[starts walking towards General Hamonds Office]

Samantha Carter: [as O’Neill passes] Wackier than strapping an active Stargate to the bottom of the X-302?
Jack O’Neill: [still walking] Oh, yeah.

Samantha Carter: [calling after O’Neill] Wackier than-than blowing up a sun?
Jack O’Neill: [over his shoulder] Yep.

Samantha Carter: [slightly resigned] He’s probably right.

All this week, we’ve been ending the posts with a discussion, today’s topic is…..Of all the Alien technology the teams have ever found or used which would you like to try?

I quite fancy a ride in a puddle jumper from Atlantis, taking a quick tour out into the Galaxy and then diving beneath the sea on another trip.

What piece of Alien technology would you like to get your hands on?