A Float Down The Canal by Penny Estelle @Pennystales #Shortstory

A Float Down the CanalA Float Down the Canal by Penny Estelle

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received this book from a competition win and knew nothing about it before I opened page 1, I try not to be influenced by other reviews and like to dive right into a book.

From the title I guessed it might be a murder mystery, but I was completely wrong. The setting is Phoenix Arizona 1967. Pam Simpson is an angry 12 year old. It’s the summer vacation and she’s been asked to stay at home and mind her younger brother, when she’d rather be down the Mall with her friends. To make matters worse it’s been arranged that her annoying cousin, Candy is being dropped off “to play” too.

They plan to go to the local pool, it’s a long walk which can be shortened by a quick float down the canal on tyre inner-tubes. I thought this was a great initiative of the kids and delighted in Candy’s disgust at the debris and colour of the canal.

I’ll not divulge any more just to say I was settling down to a good read when all of a sudden the book ended. What? I wanted to yell, where’s the rest? My only hope is that this could be one day turned into a novelette. Just 14 pages wasn’t long enough for me.

This review is based on a free copy of the book which I won.

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