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A Clear SolutionA Clear Solution by Eric McFarlane
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Clear Solution is a piece of British comedy full of slap-stick moments and misunderstandings. Daniel Dreghorn is a chemistry lab technician at Coatdyke University, Scotland. Meant only as a temporary job he’s already been there five years.

Daniel is ear marked by student Susan Bradshaw as someone who could help her “pass” her exams after he is easily persuaded to give her the correct answer to her practical experiment. Susan’s father is a manager at Barnaby’s Bank and provides Daniel with large sums of money to get copies of the exam papers.

Whilst trying to get the papers, Daniel is discovered by Dr Bernini, who assumes Daniel has discovered information on his dodgy donuts. Bernini’s then keen to keep Daniel on side. Meanwhile Professor Smart wants a chat with Daniel.

In this comedy of errors everyone has a hidden agenda and they all think Daniel can help them as he totters from one disastrous scene to another. I must mention Sadie who works in the canteen, she had a wonderful Scottish accent.

Comedy is a very hard genre to get across to the reader, I could see this working well as a TV show, it ticks many boxes of a classic British sit-com.

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