Taking on a Challenge

Following on from yesterdays post about “A Year Of Doing Good” by Judith O’Reilly, I’ve decided to write about the challenges which I have set myself. They’re not New Year resolutions because I prefer short challenges that I’m more likely to commit to. For instance; I now do 15 minutes everyday on the exercise bike. It’s not much, but it’s what I’m most likely to achieve. I do 5 mins on a hard gear, then reward myself with 5 mins on the easiest gear, then I finish with 5 mins on a middle type gear and it’s all done. I use the time to plan what I’m going to do with my next 15 mins, easy!

Next I set myself a goal to write a minimum of 1200 words a day for my next book. I plan to have the first one ready for edit by the end of January and then I have committed to do the same for my other book which although started, has sat on the back burner for a couple of months (or is it 3 or 4 months?) So far I’ve kept up with the goal for the last 5 days. I like to start new challenges on odd days, not a Monday. A Monday doesn’t work for so many reasons, I think there is a mental hangup about a Monday mixed with the traditional working week. So I started my writing challenge on a Friday, it was great to keep it up over the weekend and by Monday I felt good about what I was achieving.

My next Challenge is no hardship to me as I love reading. If you are a follower of Mumsnet, join the challenge too. I joined goodreads.com last summer and set myself a challenge to read 40 books by Christmas and ended up raising the challenge. So this year I’ve set the bar to 100! I love the way books open my mind and fill it with wonderful new information and experiences. I mix it up and try books from several genres. I’ll go to the library and choose a letter of the alphabet and pick books by Authors with that letter, or I’ll go to the non-fiction section and select certain shelves to choose a book from. A few years ago I was in the library not getting very far with some family tree research, when I felt a need to go to the psychology section. I chose a book called “The Other Side and Back” by Silvia Browne and a whole new world opened up for me, it has brought so much comfort and joy to myself and my friends whom I shared it with.

Well that’s my next 15 mins up, I’ll tell you more another time.


5* Amazon Review

Amazon’s recent shake up of customer reviews have meant that many of us have lost important reviews which affect potential sales. So before any more disappear I’ve made a copy of this great review about my book “Talk of the Playground”
Rosie Ambers first novel is a dry, humorous look into the world of the english school yard – the workings of a school, the children’s antics and also the parents which are considerably funnier – a real life glimpse of the minefield that parents need to cross whilst steering their offspring through their school years punctuated by the english festivals, fetes and fundraisers that make up a school year. Sometimes true life is stranger than fiction! A must read for any mums who navigate the daily trials of junior school life.

Time to count your Blessings

The sun is shining where I live and the snow which was forecast overnight has not appeared in my garden. So I thought it was about time to count my blessings and encourage a few of my readers to think about their own lives.

Do you have a house you can call home? Then be thankful.

Do you have food to eat? Be thankful.

Have you got a family or friends? Bless them.

Are you  in good health? Thank your body for keeping you alive.

Do you have money to buy things? Give thanks for that money.

And finally, what has been your best thing about today? Remember it, and give one last vote of thanks.

Thanks for reading this, supporting my blog and if you’ve bought and read my book, then you deserve the biggest thanks of all!



Munching through Bertie Botts every flavoured beans!


The Harry Potter Studio Tour was really worth seeing. We are eating our packet of Bertie Botts every flavour beans and we just thought they were plain old Jelly beans!!!!! So far the yuckiest have been “dirt and grass!” It’s causing a lot of laughter. Not looking forward to getting a “rotton egg or vomit flavour”

Happy New Year to all my readers!

Quiz Answers

Answers to yesterdays Cathedral quiz, in no particular order are;

Winchester, St. Paul’s, Durham,York, Exeter, Ripon, Carlisle, Liverpool, Lichfield, Coventry, Guildford, Salisbury, Truro, Wells, Norwich, Bury-St-Edmunds, Ely, Canterbury, Rochester, Oxford, Gloucester, Worcester, Portsmouth, Derby, St. Albans, Southwark, Lincoln, Chichester, Hereford, Peterborough, Sheffield, Manchester, Birmingham, Blackburn, Bradford, Bristol, Chelmsford, Chester, Leicester, Newcastle, Southall and Wakefield.

A wheelchair user and her driver managed to visit all 42 Cathedrals in one weekend as part of a charity challenge. ( I have no idea how they managed this with the British traffic and road systems!)


There seem to be lots of dates flying around connected to the Mayan prediction about the end of our world as we know it and the beginnings of a new world. Any new start sounds good to me, and I think I’ll try to stay open to new opportunities.

Meanwhile, as I haven’t been able to finish Maeve yet, here is a little something which made me chuckle the other day.

Three Wise Women…

Would have asked for directions, arrived in time, helped deliver the baby, brought practical presents, cleaned the stable, made a casserole and there would be peace on earth!

Enjoy your day!

Fans of Grease…

John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John have reunited to make a charity music video. It’s 35 years since they first sang Grease together. They have released a Christmas album which also features the likes of Cliff Richard and Barbra Streisand. All the proceeds will go to The Jett Travolta Foundation and The Cancer and Wellness Foundation in Australia.

Wow! I loved the film and the musicals which have followed. Grease and all that it involved were temptations and leaps into questionable morals during my childhood. The romance and storylines have remained with me as I’ve grown up. I never tire of watching the re-runs!

Warm up your brain cells

Morning Folks! No book reviews today, but I do need your help with a couple of tricky clues for a competition that I’m trying to enter.

In this competition festive song titles and their artists have been muddle up. The letters need to be rearranged, but all the vowels are also missing.


I need help with;




Two of them will be linked ie song and artist, the other will be on its own. I’ll be grateful of any help at all.