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I’m involved with helping to spread the news that August is write a book review on Amazon month, this week I’m going to post some themed book reviewing posts to encourage more people to leave those all important reviews.

Readers reviewers

I truly believe that book sales have changed as people browse virtual book stores to buy their books. This is where the book reviews really help sell a book in a market place full of millions and millions of books. If I had a £1 for every-time someone said to me, “Since I starting writing my book I’ve come to realise how important book reviews are”, well, I’d be well on the way to spending that money stocking up on books!

1) Where do I post my book reviews as well as this blog?
I choose to regularly post my book reviews to Goodreads, Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com. I also write for 2 local magazines and post 5 selected book reviews to each magazine per month. The magazines go out to over 7000 readers in my local area.
2) What type of books will I consider for review?
I enjoy romance, paranormal, humour, murder mystery, mild thrillers, spiritual and YA/NA books. I will read both non-fiction and fiction. Book reviewing has also widened my preferred reading genres and I do touch on sci-fi, historical fiction and many sub-genres of all those mentioned.
3) What format do I like books to be in for review?
I still enjoy paperback books, but my Kindle is now heavily used.  I do understand the cost of sending books to reviewers, so I accept books in Mobi which I can upload to my kindle. Authors can also gift me books or send me a voucher to cover the cost of buying their book.
4) What’s the first thing I do when beginning a book review?
I have a note book with me when I read books and I write down the title and author, the day I begin the book and I start noting character names and places, jobs, relationships etc as I go through the book.
5) How do I proceed after that?
Then I’ll note down specific events from the book, or small phrases or even things I don’t understand which may become clearer later in the book. I usually fill an A5 sized sheet with notes per book. Occasionally I’ll write more.
6) Is there an average time I spend reading a book?
I would say 2 days per book.
7) When I’ve finished a book do I write the review immediately? Or wait a while?
I always try to write the book review straight away while it is fresh in my mind. However if a book has troubled me and left me doubtful about certain points or areas, I might skim read a few reviews on Goodreads and Amazon and see if others agree with me or not. Although this isn’t always helpful if a book has received a handful of only glowing 5* reviews and nothing else. Glowing 5* reviews from family and friends stick out like sore thumbs and can put off new reviewers who would genuinely like to leave a review but feel intimidated. Much better and more genuine for an author to have a range of star rated reviews for their work.
8) Do I start a new book before writing up a review? Or do I ever read more than one book at a time?
The only time I might start a new book before writing a review is if I’m away from home. Occasionally I have more than one book on the go at a time, but the second book would usually be a non-fiction book which I could pick up and put down and is possibly one I’m reading for pleasure rather than review.
9) What points do I try to write in a review?
I like to tell the readers who the characters are, perhaps outline where and when the book takes place. I might hint at some of the plot developments and drop in a clue or two as to what happens. I try to entice the reader to go and buy the book. I’m also specific about what I thought the genre of the book was early in the review, so that a reader can move on if they aren’t interested in that genre.  Often at the end I say what I liked about the book or who I think would enjoy the book.
10) What do I try to avoid putting in any review?
I try to avoid spoilers and telling the reader too much. If I read a review or a book blurb that is full of all the book plot I find there is nothing left for me to discover myself, so I wouldn’t buy and read the book.  I may say if I found parts difficult, challenging to read, or areas which I didn’t think worked and occasionally I’ll recommend another run through editing, no one wants to spend money on a book which has more than half a dozen errors. However I won’t publically trash a book, there are ways to use words so that hopefully they don’t offend the author as long as they can look objectively on their work and the review.
11) If I find I really dislike a book, would I write a negative review?
No! People have spent a lot of time and effort writing their books. If my review is going to be 2*’s or below I write an appraisal for the author, highlighting areas where I had issues which I send privately to the author. Sometimes this goes down well other times it doesn’t. Common areas are lack of editing, in content and the written word, a proof reader really is a vital asset in today’s competitive market. Other times it is from newbie authors who have spent so long in their writing cave that they haven’t kept up reading within their genre, seeing how writing styles are moving and yes their is even “fashion” in writing too. Just this week I was asked by an author how he was expected to know that opening a book with a dream scene marked him as a newbie. Opening dream scenes have been written so many times I’m afraid, they really are no longer cutting edge writing. Authors also need to be aware of key words which mark their writing as pretty basic, my examples are from Rayne Halls book “The Word Loss Diet“. Look, turn, see, stare, glance, sigh, smile, really, quite, started to.., began to…. When I read a book on kindle I can easily ask it to count the number of times a particular word is used and some are definitely like red rags to a bull.  In the last few months I’ve read books which average no more than 300 pages; one had 1060 uses of the word “said”, another 67 uses of the word “sigh” and a third used the word “smile” 127 times. My point is they make reading them repetitive and they run the chance of boring the reader.
12) Do I work with any publishers or groups who regularly ask you to review books?
I do, recently I’ve reviewed for; Brook Cottage Books, Curiosity Quills, Aria Fiction, Honno Press, Stargate Novels, Publishing Push, Book Publicity services, Bonnier Publishing and The Blue Harvest Centre.
Tomorrow I’m talking about writing a review for a non-fiction book.
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There’s still time to join the #AugustReviews campaign.
1) Write a review for a book you’ve read,
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4) Not on Twitter? No Problem, send me the link using the contact form above and I’ll send it on to Terry, she’ll get it up on her Halls of Fame.

Off On A Secret Mission for The Ministry Of Magic

Dear Readers,

Instead of my letter from Hogwarts, I’ve been summoned to the ministry for a while to take part in a secret mission, so I won’t be blogging for a few days. I’m not allowed internet access nor will my muggle phone work there, so I shall endeavour to catch up with any urgent business in the evenings.

I’m forbidden to divulge any details of my mission else I shall have to put a curse on you, I’m not on holiday and I haven’t done anything wrong, in fact quite the opposite, which is probably the reason the ministry have demanded my attendance.

So I’ve packed a bag and bought a ticket and am hoping I’m allowed on the right platform.

The review team are still around working on your behalf and they’ll be supporting #TuesdayBookBlog and #AugustReviews

Please support our #AugustReviews campaign by sharing on social media as we encourage readers to leave a book review on Amazon http://wp.me/p2Eu3u-9gC

See you all soon.Make an Author's Day


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Rosie’s #BookReview Team #RBRT DARK THREADS OF VENGEANCE by William Savage @penandpension

Today’s team review is from Noelle, she blogs at http://saylingaway.wordpress.com

Rosie's Book Review team 1

Noelle has been reading Dark Threads Of Vengeance by William Savage


This is book two in the Ashmole Foxe Georgian Mysteries. I didn’t read the first but didn’t have to, since this is a self-contained story. I looked forward to the read, because I have read and reviewed two other books by William Savage in the Dr. Adam Bascom Georgian Mystery series and found both of them intensely interesting from both the historical and mystery perspectives.

This series is set in Norwich, England, in the 1760s. Its main character, Ashmole Foxe, is an enigma – a bookstore owner whose store in seldom open for business, and a man who dresses in a dandified fashion. He is taken by many to be somewhat of a fop, visiting the theater and prostitutes alike, but in fact is well-educated and is at ease in the company of both peers and merchants. This positions him to take on investigations that would be awkward for others.

This time, the mayor of Norwich is demanding Foxe find the murderer of a prominent merchant and banker, Joseph Morrow, who body is found in the hold of a wherry, reeking of alcohol and feces. The mayor is afraid the city will be crippled by a financial panic when Morrow’s murder is revealed and sends Alderman Halloran to run interference for him with Foxe. Before Foxe can even find clues in his investigation, the Alderman demands that he drop his inquiries into the murder to solve the problem of the apparent theft of some of his favorite books.

Complicating the investigation is the fact that Joseph Morrow was Bible-thumping, holier-than-thou teetotaler, who treated his servants badly and beat his wife. The number of possible murderers increases exponentially as the tale unfolds.

Foxe soon realizes he has no clues and few ideas, and without his much-loved companions, the Catt sisters (two ladies of pleasure), he has lost his ability to gather information from the streets. He hires the widow of a bookstore owner, Susannah Crombie, to run his shop, and she soon has the place stocked and jumping with sales, which makes him a prosperous merchant. How can he restore his reputation for high fashion and low morals? Surprisingly, Susannah proves a bottomless source of ideas and help.

Despite a riveting opening chapter, it took me a bit longer to enjoy this book, compared to the Adam Bascom mysteries. Perhaps it was because my medical background related to Bascom or the fact Foxe is not an immediately sympathetic character. However, the witty dialogue and the humor of Foxe’s appearance soon won me to him. How can one not snicker at a man dressed in a plum-colored velvet coat, matching breeches, and a pink silk waistcoat and stockings, all heavily embroidered? Foxe believes himself to be the height of fashion!

As usual, the author pays incredible attention to the details of 18th century Norwich, its society and social and domestic norms. The plight of the single or widowed women, of orphans, and of unlucky servants is carefully told, and the value of the historical information counters the fact that this book is somewhat overheavy with telling. I also enjoyed the details of bookselling.

In short, I recommend this book and feel certain that readers of history, mystery, and general fiction will find it engaging and enjoyable.

Find a copy here from Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com

June’s #InspiringWomen Great to be this month’s featured lady by @VikkiPatis #wwwblogs

Re-blogged from  The BandWagon

Welcome to The Bandwagon’s new feature for 2016 – #InspiringWomen. These posts aim to not only celebrate successful women, but also to encourage others to follow their dreams. Meet June’s lady, Rosie Amber.

Rosie B&W SoftSelf-described as a book reviewer, avid reader and bookworm, Rosie Amber is campaigning to link more readers to writers.

What made you want to join your industry?

A few years ago I was inspired to teach myself about social media and not grow old and stagnant. I’ve always loved reading, so what better way to celebrate this than to start a book blog and reach out virtually.

What challenges have you had to overcome in order to get where you are today? 

I began at the ground and worked up, first I didn’t know what blogging platform to use, I began with Tumbler, but found the audience wrong for me, so next I tried WordPress, it works well for my needs. Then I began at the bottom with Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and just recently YouTube. My second favourite is Twitter, I join in with Hashtag share days and work hard to build an audience.

To make a blog work well I put in lots of work, but it helps that I enjoy what I do. To keep an audience happy you must keep things fresh, try new ideas, stretch yourself.

I join in with challenges like the April A – Z challenge, I create my own themed book blog tours, I run readathons,  I also run a successful book reviewing team, we held our first book awards last December to honour great authors who we’ve met via my blog.

Meeting people virtually opens up a whole new world, a few months ago I met up personally with some of my new virtual friends, now that was a HUGE step, really pushing new boundaries. 5 of us from my book review team came together from all over the UK and spent 24 hours talking books. It was amazing and luckily we all got on really well.

What does being a woman mean to you? 

To me it means being creative and multi-tasking. I’m a mother, housewife and I work part time as a farm secretary, I deal with daily chores and next minute I’m chatting globally about books and writing.

In what ways has your gender helped or hindered you in your industry? 

I like the social side of being a woman; we’ll chat easily about books, reading and are good at sharing on social media. Women are often less aggressive and demanding when it comes to book reviews. I hate to label some men but I’ve found the male ego an issue at times. Dealing with an author who refuses to accept that I didn’t like his book, it wasn’t my thing, I had issues with it for various reasons etc is a BIG FAT PAIN IN THE ARSE. This isn’t a widespread issue, and I have come across a couple of women who were the same but on the whole women deal with the critique by another women better.

Name some women who inspire you.

Louise Hay for her inspirational books like “I Can Do It”, Judith O’Reilley for her book “A Year Of Doing Good” it inspired me to do my own challenge of one good deed a day and I did it for 2 years, blogging with the weekly upates of my good deeds, it changed my life and I still try to do one each day now. Silvia Browne for her book “The Other Side and Back” which taught me so much about the spirit world.

What advice would you give to young women who want to go into your industry?

From my own place in the book world, I would say it’s a great place for women, but wherever you rest in the world, make it a place where you show your love for it and the people in it. I dislike the dog eat dog, ripping others off and making money in underhand ways that leads so much of society today. Only give out what you want to receive.

Header Rosie Amber Book Reviews

What does it take to run a successful blog?

I’ve touched on some of the ways in which I run my blog. It takes time, regular updates and the desire to succeed. Start with small ideas and build up, I began with reviews of books that I’d read, then I invited people to send their books for me to review, I offered guest posts, all simple stuff, I took part in challenges and went to other people’s blogs and got involved. Making comments and sharing what others do encourages them to come visit your blog.

I make sure my blog posts are easy to share, here are my quick tips;

1)       If you use WordPress go to your Dashboard, then settings, then sharing, scroll down to “Twitter username to include in tweets when people share using the Twitter button.” Add your Twitter handle without the @ ie rosieamber1. Now every time your blog post is shared on Twitter it will appear in your notification page and you can easily re-tweet. N.B Twitter is all about the power of the re-tweet.

2)       My blog titles have a mix of capital letters, hashtags and Twitter handles if they are about people or their books, for instance THE HOUSE OF YORK by @TerryTyler4 #Bookreview #TuesdayBookBlog. This makes them SUPER easy to share, attention grabbing and no extra words needed. Each time this is shared the author gets notification too and usually re-tweets as well.

3)       Always use Hashtags on Twitter, find the popular ones which suit your blog theme. My team and I recently created the #TuesdayBookBlog hashtag to help anyone with news of their book, reviews, guest posts, book cover launched etc. We try to help share all relevant ones each week.

4)       It takes an audience to run a successful blog, my own blog is still really small, but I never tire of coming up with new mad ideas to try, some work, some don’t. Keep working until you find something you enjoy, but don’t let it get boring.

5)       Sharing someone else’s post? If you share to Twitter, make an effort to add a Hashtag or a Twitter handle to make you tweet more twitter friendly.

Blog | @rosieamber1 | Facebook

Rosie Amber is looking for book reviewers!

rosie gardening 02 twitter

I’m looking for dedicated readers to join my book review team. I need someone who can commit to reading and reviewing a book within a month. I need the review posted on Goodreads, Amazon US & UK and a blog (if the reader has one), plus I get a copy of each review to post at a later date on my own blog. Reviews need to be around 3-4 paragraphs long, telling others about the book genre, setting, writing style, a little of the plot, the main characters, what worked in the book and what perhaps didn’t for that reader. I‘m not looking for 5* reviews but honest ones which help future readers. For more information check out this link or have a good rummage around my blog and see what others are writing.

Join Rosie Amber Book Review Team

Fab Winners at the 2016 #BloggersBash #MondayBlogs @Suzie81blog @ShelleyWilson72

Check out the lovely award Winners

On Saturday June 11th bloggers from across Uk and Europe travelled to London for the second annual #BloggersBash awards.

Myself and Alison Williams travelled to Kings Cross where we met Shelley Wilson, Chris Philippou and Barb Taub. Potterheads in the team got side-tracked at the platform 9¾, then we had an early lunch at The Parcel Yard (highly recommended)

2 o’clock and we joined bloggers at The Driver, Wharfdale Road. It was great to meet face-to-face friends and members of our “virtual families”.

Great informative Master class from Luca Sartoni, Growthketeer at Automatic. (Luca works behind the scenes at wordpress)

This blog was up for the Best Book Reviewer Award:

The criteria was: Which book reviewer do you love? This isn’t about being prolific this is about quality reviews. Who’s the most thoughtful reviewer? Perhaps their thoughts on a book persuaded you to read it, maybe they use their blog as a platform for authors as well, or perhaps you love them for their scathing honesty!


Huge congratulations to all the winners and runners up, fellow #RBRT team member Terry Tyler came second in the Best Blog Pal category and Shelley Wilson won the Most Inspirational Blog award. Well done ladies.

Overall 2016 Best Blog went to Suzie Speaks Suzie founded #SundayBlogShare

Blog winners

AND…The Winners of the #BloggersBash Awards 2016 Are…

Bloggers Bash Awards 2016Ladies and gentleman it has been an honour to host and run the second annual blogger bash awards.

For those of you not able to join us, next week I will post my speech along with links to the masterclass that was presented.

Without further ado, it is time to announce the winners of the 2016 Bloggers Bash Awards.

FunniestFirst in Funniest blogger. The nominees were as follows:

Barb TaubLucy Mitchell (Blonde Write More)Tara SparlingLinda (nutsrok)Ned HicksonMeghan SaraSeumas GallacherBun KaryadoRoss MurrayBeth HaslamAl the AuthorRonnieMarcia MearaDonnaChristian TouchetTim- things as they areTamzen TempleTabbyFiction FanPaul LanderMelinda,



In THIRD Place:Beth Haslam

In SECOND place: Paul Lander

But the WINNER was: Lucy Mitchell (Blonde Write More)

Book Review

Next up Best Book Review. The nominees were as follows:

Linda Hill, Rachael RitchetyOlgaRosie AmberRebecca BeattieChristoph FischerAmanda JayneDianeJade, JoanneCarolCleoJoHayleyCathyhome is where the wine isSonyaJacquiAlise & BecKatherineReading Confessions BlogRonovan et al. Ste JJoseph at Relax and Read Reviews, Loretta (Literary Lightbox).


In THIRD Place: home is where the wine is

In SECOND place: Rosie Amber

But the WINNER was: Linda Hill

best dressedNext up, Best Dressed. The nominees were as follows:

D.G. Kaye, Simon at Permanent Style, Sue at Great War Nurses, Judy Martin, Marlou and Willeke at Saudades de Portugal, Jess at Handi- Capable, Morgan at The Rose Quartz, Irene Waters, David Videcette, Becca at Becca’s Books




In THIRD Place:D.G. Kaye

In SECOND place: Judy Martin at Edwina’s Episodes

But the WINNER was: Becca at Becca’s Books

NewcomerNext up, Best Newcomer. The nominees were as follows:

Gill Jacob, Lorraine at The Book Review Cafe, Jane/Audrey at My Novels, My World, London Health Mum, Caryl at Mrs Bloggs, Xenia, at Whippet Wisdom, Element, Kaisha at The Writing Garnet, John and his team at Windlight Magazine, Em at Keystroke, Ginny at A New Me, Janice at On The LandKyra at Being Mommie, Mumbletymuse, Nick Verron, Robert Fear, Nikki Lopez, Zoe at The Girl On The Piccadilly Line, Sheeny Cundy, Drew Sheldon, Cynthia T. Luna, Noelle at Crime Book Junkie


In THIRD Place:Zoe at The Girl On The Piccadilly Line

In SECOND place:  Nick Verron

But the WINNER was: Noelle at Crime Book Junkie

InspirationalNext up Most Inspirational Blogger. The nominees were as follows:

Annette Rochelle Aben, Rea at Rea Book Reviews, Thomas at Bestowing Fire, Nimue at Druid Life, Steve, Sue and Stuart at The Silent Eye, Lynn Gerrard, Shelley Wilson, Erika Kind, Chelle at Chelle’s Book Reviews, Anne Cater, Erik Tyler, Alyssa Moore, Kristi Jo Jedlicki,

Scott Hastie, Cee Neuner, Seyi Sandra, Lisa Amaya,



In THIRD Place:Steve, Sue and Stuart at The Silent Eye,

In SECOND place: Anne Cater

But the WINNER was:Shelley Wilson

hidden GemNext up, Hidden Gem. The nominees were as follows:

Lucya at A Bad Witch’s Blog, Rose Tinted Ramblings, Mabh Savage,

Graeme Sandford, Marina at Finding Time To Write, Sue Dreamwalker, Don Massenzio,  Jack & Joe at The Over The Line Show,

Rich at Waffle Me This, Ron at Progressing into Solitude, Annika Perry, SharaLee at Sharalee Reads, Rebecca at The Brunettes Bookshelf, Patrick Brown, Chesapeake Films, Martin Baker & Fran Houston at Gum on my Shoe, Emma at Book Around The Corner, Alix Long, Pat Ruppel, Sarah Brentyn


In THIRD Place: Don Massenzio

In SECOND place: Rebecca at The Brunettes Bookshelf

But the WINNER was: Alix Long (delightful book review)

Services to bloggersNext up Services to Bloggers. The nominees were as follows:

Blogger’s World, Sarah Hardy, Chris Graham, Alexis Donkin,

Aleks K. Shaw, Jo Robinson, Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha, Daniel Ray,

M. C. V. Egan, Beautiful Words, Susan M. Troy,  Sandra at Readingwrites



In THIRD Place: Blogger’s World

In SECOND place: Chris Graham

But the WINNER was: Sarah Hardy

InformativeNext up, Most Informative Original Content Blogger. The nominees were as follows:

Lizzie at Dream Discover Italia, Morgan at Living Liminally, Karrie Higgins, Laura Perry, Eli at A Writer’s Caravan, Diane Tibert, Samer Chidiac, Flossie Benton Rogers, Aquileana at La Audacia de Aquiles,

Lynz Real Cooking, Millie Thom, Charlotte Walker, Chris McMullen,

Helen at CrawCrafts Beasties, April Munday, Phil at The Twisted Yarn, Jeremy Crow


In THIRD Place:Flossie Benton Rogers

In SECOND place: Lynz Real Cooking

But the WINNER was: Aquileana at La Audacia de Aquiles,

Best PalNext up Best Pal. The nominees were as follows:

Terry Tyler, Shareen Ayoub Mansfield, Amy Storch, Rachel Patterson,

Judith Barrow, Claudette P. Esterine, Rach at Our. Rach., Adele Archer, Anne Williams, Mae Clair, Graeme Cumming, Lucile de Godoy, S. Bradley Stoner, Claire Huston, T. Wayne at A Joy Process, Steve McPherson, Charles Yallowitz, Elle Klass, Margot Kinberg, Jo Bradley, Charli Mills, Helen Jones,



In joint THIRD Place: Steve McPherson & Rachel Patterson,

In SECOND place: Terry Tyler

But the WINNER was: Anne Williams

Best OverallLast but by no means least, Best Overall Blog. The nominees were as follows:

Colleen Chesebro, Carol Hedges, Suzie at Suzie Speaks, J. A. Allen, Cecilia at The Kitchen Garden, Ritu, at But I Smile Anyway,

Jenny of Jenny In Neverland, Ronovan Hester, Tony at Tony’s Reading List, Sue Vincent, Sally Cronin


In THIRD Place: Jenny of Jenny In Neverland

In SECOND place: Ritu, at But I Smile Anyway

But the WINNER was: Suzie Speaks

VOTE NOW for your favourite #Bloggers Annual BLOGGERS BASH Awards @sacha_black

VOTE NOW! Annual Bloggers Bash Awards NOW OPEN

VOTE NOWThis is it. The waiting is finally over.

The Bloggers Bash Awards are now open for voting.

We had a HUGE number of nominations, over 350, so thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate.

Voting Closes June 9th at 12pm. The winners will be announced on June 11th at the Bash. If you can’t make it then a winners post will go live at 5:15pm on June 11th.

Choose carefully, you can only vote ONCE per category. There are 10 awards, (so it’s a long post) make sure you vote in them all.

Good luck to all the nominees.

Disclaimer: The committee has done their best to coordinate the nominations and to ensure, where possible, we gave nominees a choice of which category they wanted to be in. Due to time constraints and limited resources this may not have always been possible.

Head on over to the voting page here

Nominations for the Annual Bloggers Awards are Now Open @sacha_black #WeekendBlogShare

Over at https://sachablack.co.uk/2016/04/22/nominations-for-bloggers-bash-awards-are-now-open/

Nominations for the annual Bloggers Awards are Now Open



Best OverallBest Overall Blog

This award is for the blogger who has the best overall blog. Who is the blogger that for you, excels in a variety of categories? Perhaps they’re sociable and engage with readers, maybe they share others posts, or have a writing style that keeps you coming back time and time again.

Whoever you choose needs to be an all rounder, a blogger that for you is head and shoulders above the rest.

FunniestFunniest Blogger

Which blogger continually makes you laugh out loud? Has someone made you laugh so hard you cried? Maybe you snorted drink through your nose at one of their jokes. Who’s the funniest blogger of them all?


InspirationalMost Inspirational Blogger

Who consistently inspires you? Is there a blogger that’s thought provoking and inquisitive? Or perhaps they have become a muse to you with constant provision of inspirational content or imagery? Who’s the one blogger that’s touched your heart? This is the nomination for them.

best dressedBest Dressed Blog

This is for the most stylish blog. Who’s blog looks sleek and sexy? Maybe they use stunning imagery, or a well designed theme, or perhaps they just have a unique written style to their blog posts. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so only you can judge whose blog is the best dressed.

InformativeMost Informative (Original Content) Blogger

This award is for those bloggers with the most informative original content. Who, time and time again writes fascinating content. Perhaps they are a history blogger, maybe, a blogger who writes about writing craft, or maybe they like archaeology, or wine tasting, or perhaps they are an artist or musician. The topic could be anything, what were looking for is a blogger who shares a wealth of knowledge that they have carefully researched and pulled together themselves.

Who do you find yourself longing to read because of their content? This is the nomination for them.

Book Review

Best Book Review Blog

We created a new award because we felt there were so many dedicated book reviewers out there that they needed an award in their own right.

Which book reviewer do you love? This isn’t about being prolific this is about quality reviews. Who’s the most thoughtful reviewer? Perhaps their thoughts on a book persuaded you to read it, maybe they use their blog as a platform for authors as well, or perhaps you love them for their scathing honesty!

Whoever you choose to nominate in this award, please ensure their blogs are PRIMARILY book review blogs.

Services to bloggersServices to Bloggers

Who’s the kindest blogger of them all? Which blogger goes out of their way to help others? Maybe someone helped you kick start your blog with tutorials or maybe they continually reblogs your posts. Perhaps someone consistently provides useful posts on how to boost your own blog. Or maybe you want to nominate someone who provides a platform for others.

Who do you want to thank for their dedication to other bloggers?

hidden GemHidden Gem

Which blog doesn’t get the notoriety they deserve? Maybe you stumbled on them by chance, and discovered a minefield of information. Maybe they make you smile or have such an original style you can’t help but go back.

Who would you like to have the limelight for a change? This is the award for them.


Newcomer Award

This is for bloggers who have been blogging less than a year. So bloggers who joined the bloggisphere after 1st June 2015

Who joined the bloggisphere with a bang? Perhaps they are funny, or well designed, or maybe their posts make you smile time after time. Whatever the reason, this is for a newbie blogger that you think deserves recognition.

Best Pal

Best Pal 

Which blogger do you want to go to the pub with? Or maybe have dinner with? Who never fails to reply to comments, and has thoughtful things to say. Maybe they encourage the community through weekly challenges or blog parties. Who wouldn’t the blogging world be the same without?

Head over and make your nominations TODAY https://sachablack.co.uk/2016/04/22/nominations-for-bloggers-bash-awards-are-now-open/

Announcing A New Blogger’s #BookReview #Hashtag for #Twitter #TuesdayBookBlog


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Most Twittering bloggers know about the benefits of ‘blog share’ days; it all started with Rachel Thompson and her fabulously successful #MondayBlogs.  Now, there is also #wwwblogs on Wednesday (Wednesday women writers), #SundayBlogShare, #ArchiveDay on Saturday, and many more.

Since Rachel started #MondayBlogs, she’s been battling against people using it for book promotion; her view is that you have six other days of the week to promote your books, but #MondayBlogs is about the writing itself ~ in other words, blog posts about anything other than your book! She now states that there should be no book promotion of any sort on #MondayBlogs, not even third party reviews, which is understandable as there are so many ways in which her guidelines can be abused.

Because there are so many avid readers, writers and book bloggers who understand the benefit of blog share days, Rosie Amber’s Book Review Team is introducing a new hashtag on Tuesdays, for book posts only: #TuesdayBookBlog. The first day this will be used is Tuesday, November 3rd.

As anyone who starts a hashtag knows, the main difficulty involved is dealing with ‘hashtag abuse’ ~ tweeters who spot a popular hashtag and add it to any tweet, whether relevant or not. We will do our best to limit this; please feel free to point someone in the right direction if you see this happening.

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So what are the guidelines for #TuesdayBookBlog?

DO post:

Blog posts only!

Book reviews ~ either for your own books, or other people’s, or book reviews you’ve written on your blog.

Author Interviews ~ yours or others’.

Cover reveals ~ yours or others’.

Upcoming/new releases ~ yours or others.

Articles or guest posts about books/writers ~ you/yours or others’.

DO NOT post:

Anything that isn’t a blog post

Blog posts that aren’t about books/writers.


Blatant promotion of an existing publication that isn’t a proper article – in other words, we don’t want to see a blog post that consists of nothing but the cover of your book, Amazon blurb and buy links. This was one of the ways in which #MondayBlogs was abused, after people were told they couldn’t use the hashtag for tweets with Amazon links.

To get the most out of #TuesdayBookBlog:

Retweet others on the hashtag and spread the word. Hashtags work best when you do your bit, too.

The power of Twitter is in the retweet, more than the tweet. Hashtag retweets are never guaranteed, but do remember that the more you do, the more you are likely to get back.

We hope you will achieve good results from #TuesdayBookBlog, and look forward to seeing you there!






VOTING NOW OPEN – Annual Bloggers Bash Awards #Bloggers #Awards

If you love reading blogs and supporting the blogging community check out this Fabulous event – do take a look and vote for your favourite bloggers, plenty of popular names in there and some new ones too, I’m in there too, so it would be lovely if you have a moment to take a vote.

Sacha Black


You nominated in your hundreds – literally! I had to enlist a committee of fabulous bloggers (Ali, Geoff and Hugh) to help organise all the nominations and sort them into this, the official voting post. To find out more about the #BloggersBash event have a look at this, this or this.

11733474_10207031963138573_162371955_nBefore we begin voting, there’s one more thing to add. The lovely Geoff decided we needed to stand out from the crowd so that y’all can find us at the British Library on the 1st August. So he has ordered some Annual Bloggers Bash t-shirts. The committee will be wearing them, but it was cheaper to bulk buy, so inevitably we have spares. SO, if you win one of the awards then a t shirt is yours! But if you would like a t-shirt anyway then they will be £6 on the day. Geoff is…

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