📚A Gothic Style Modern Thriller. Rosie’s #Bookreview Of The Misery House (The House On The Hill #1) by @DavidKummer7 #BookTwitter

The Misery House (The House on the Hill #1)The Misery House by David Duane Kummer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Misery House is book #1 in The House On The Hill series of Gothic style modern day thrillers.

Set in a small American town, this story touches on prejudices and small town traditions that often smother those who live there and that make new comers feel unwelcome. All this is set against the eerie empty House on The Hill. A place kept alive by stories and something else lurking in the shadows.

The story steps along at a good pace and is told from several points of view, as the tension and horror builds fueled by people’s fears.

It is quite rare for me to read any horror, but the gothic style house somewhat appealed and the storytelling kept me reading on. It is well-written with very good vivid descriptions of the place and the people. The finale is open-ended ready for the next book in the series and some readers may find the cliff-hanger annoying rather than satisfying.

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Orange rose book description
Book description

Sometimes the quietest little towns are haunted by the darkest secrets.
A psychological thriller and a family you’ll never forget.

New Haven: This rural town has never seen a string of tragedies like this. A local store burns to the ground with two bodies inside. A newlywed couple goes missing, and all signs point to the abandoned house. With no answers, the townsfolk grow more and more worried.

The Woods family has lived here forever. But when their friends and their own children are put in danger, the threat hits home. This close-knit family must risk everything to find answers, but time is running out.

New Haven has secrets. And a haunted house like you’ve never seen before.

The Misery House is a chilling, suspenseful novel that will keep you guessing until the very end and set the stage for an epic three-book haunting. With its twists and turns, a likable family thrust into danger, this page-turner will keep you up late into the night.

It’s up to the Woods family. Some fates are worse than death. Is it too late to save their town… and each other?

Expected publication July 7th 2023.

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