📚Behind The Scenes in TV and Film. @SueBavey reviews #Memoir Misadventures in the Screen Trade: How Not to Make it in the Media by Alison Cubitt @lambertnagle

Today’s team review is from Sue.

Sue blogs here https://suelbavey.wordpress.com/

Orange rose and Rosie's Book Review Team
Rosie’s Book Review Team

Sue has been reading Misadventures in the Screen Trade: How Not to Make it in the Media by Alison Cubitt.

This memoir is a delightful description of Alison’s search for a satisfactory position in television. She starts at the bottom and works her way up, but occasionally has to go back down the career ladder and accept lesser jobs in order to stay within her chosen professional arena. Sometimes she gets to meet celebrities and her enthusiasm for these occasions suggest this in itself is a reward for her. She also meets her fair share of unsavoury characters in what was a very male-dominated world at the time.
Her jobs are located in many different countries, but this isn’t a travel memoir, working in media means long hours and time socializing with colleagues, not leaving much time for sight-seeing.

I really enjoyed reading about the behind the scenes aspects of a show I used to watch – The Big Breakfast. These first hand stories were absolutely fascinating, especially the time spent interviewing celebrities in LA, the pace of Alison’s life during this trip comes across as absolutely frenetic and not something I could imagine being able to sustain for any length of time.

Eventually Alison secures her dream job with Disney but before long becomes disillusioned by the company’s corporate culture. It becomes less of a dream and helps her to realize she would prefer a slower lifestyle with more autonomy.
Misadventures in the Screen Trade is a very interesting and somewhat out of the ordinary memoir – highly recommended for people who are intrigued to see behind the scenes in film/television!

Orange rose book description
Book description

A young woman in a man’s world takes on the media industry. Can she hit the heights of her dreams, or will she fall flat on her face?

Sydney 1981 Alison Ripley Cubitt couldn’t wait to make her mark. Having escaped her fractured New Zealand family only to end up dying of boredom behind a Mad-Men-era reception desk, she was determined to shatter the media’s glass ceiling. Thrilled to score an unpaid television internship in London, she still needed to survive alone…

Climbing her way up the career ladder, only to fall down again, Alison’s life-changing moment finally arrived when she landed her dream job at Disney. But after a documentary presentation to the masters of animation ended in disaster, the driven young woman refused to let her march to the top miss out on a spectacular finale.

In this entertaining true tale of the reality of working in the cutthroat world of show business, Alison shares the highs-and-lows of chasing bold goals. Navigating a patriarchial industry with wit and determination, her straight-to-the-point style will have you laughing out loud, and in awe of her courage.

Misadventures in the Screen Trade is a dazzling peek into one woman’s climb from rural New Zealand to Tinseltown. If you like fiery heroines, self-deprecating humour, and insightful tales from backstage, then you’ll love this spirited memoir.

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2 thoughts on “📚Behind The Scenes in TV and Film. @SueBavey reviews #Memoir Misadventures in the Screen Trade: How Not to Make it in the Media by Alison Cubitt @lambertnagle

  1. Wonderful review, Sue. Given today’s headlines, I am not surprised by the disillusionment with Disney’s corporate structure. Far from what Walt Disney would have anticipated or wanted.

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