🌺News From My Hampshire Garden As We Head Into April. #SixOnSaturday #GardeningTwitter #GardeningMakesMeHappy🐞

As March blew out with some strong winds, will April be full of Spring showers?

I have a very mixed bunch of items for you this week.

First photo goes to these Glistening Inkcaps which have popped up in a corner of the garden. The top left one in the corner of the photo has been nibbled by slugs and I think it looks like an alien.

Second photo is of the wildlife pond that we are working on. I am very excited about it. The recent rain has been filling up the pond and we will soon sort out the edging to hide the liner. I went ahead and bought my first pond plants; I have a water hawthorn which is already flowering, 2 tiny fringed water lilies, some pond weed, Marestail, Water Forget-me-not, Marsh Marigold, Dwarf Spearwort, Great Spearwort, Brookline, Upright Water Milfoil, Marsh Pennywort and some Ragged Robin for the edge.

Third photo is of two tiny pink Pulmonaria flowers surviving after the badger has been trampling the flower bed.

Photo four goes to the Forget-me-nots which are just starting to flower.

I spotted this ladybird on the Rock Roses – hopefully she’s found some tasty aphids.

Final photo goes to a tiny Violet, I do love these quite unassuming flowers.

Thank you for joining me for this #SixOnSaturday post. I hope that you enjoyed it. Jim is now our host for this gardening meme and you can find his blog here where you will be able to catch up with links from all the other folks who take part.

Happy gardening


40 thoughts on “🌺News From My Hampshire Garden As We Head Into April. #SixOnSaturday #GardeningTwitter #GardeningMakesMeHappy🐞

  1. Love the sound of the wildlife pond with all those pond plants, but I hope you know how invasive Marestail can be! My Pulmonarias are starting to flower now too – such pretty flowers. Hope the badger has moved on to pastures new.

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    • Thank you. Last year in the heat, I had a little toad bathing in the plant pot trays, so I wanted to give him somewhere better to stay cool in if he’s still around this year. Plus he and his mates might eat some slugs!


  2. Lovely to see your ladybird, hope she found lots of food! Marestail will take over your pond, I have a variety which is in a pot in the water and I have kept it under control so far, an ordinary black plastic pot not a pond basket which would let the roots escape.

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  3. You have a lot going on in your garden right now. The wildlife pond project is exciting and I’ll look forward to seeing it as it progresses. How lovely to capture the little Ladybird on camera. A very welcome visitor to any garden.

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  4. The wildlife pond looks exciting. I am still thinking about one myself, but fear it might be too much work now. So difficult to make decisions. Perhaps I’ll reuse the butler sink and see how that goes.

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