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Today’s team review is from Georgia.

Georgia blogs here https://www.georgiarosebooks.com

Orange rose and Rosie's Book Review Team
Rosie’s Book Review Team

Georgia has been reading Hush, Deliah by Angie Gallion

No one ever truly knows what goes on inside a marriage, apart from those in it. So, while Chase and Delilah Reddick appear to the outside world to have it all there are deep cracks in their relationship that run right back to when they first got together.

Delilah is blessed with a best friend, Carmen, who patches her up and urges her to leave Chase. But Delilah won’t leave their fourteen year old son, Jackson, behind and knows Chase will hunt her down if she takes him. But then Jackson starts displaying some of his father’s behaviour and Delilah knows something has to change.

Just when Delilah appears to be trying to take control something truly horrific happens – no spoilers here – which surprises the reader and completely derails Delilah, for months. Meanwhile each day that passes is a day closer to when she knows Chase will eventually kill her.

Hush, Delilah is the first book by Angie Gallion that I have read, and I loved it. It’s extremely well written and the plot is tight. While I wondered how, or indeed if, (because given the previously mentioned truly horrific thing that happened I felt this writer could go in any direction) Delilah would manage to do what she needed to I thoroughly enjoyed how the story unfolded and I found the ending immensely satisfying.

Orange rose book description
Book description

On the surface, Delilah Reddick’s life looks perfect. Her husband is a pillar of the community, and with her as his quietly supportive wife, they appear to be the picture of success and happiness. But there are deep cracks in the foundation, dark secrets Delilah has never shared with anyone.

Delilah knows what her husband is capable of when the evil inside him finds its way to the surface, but running would only delay the inevitable. Chase would hunt her to the ends of the earth before allowing her to take his only son from him. Delilah would rather die than leave her fourteen-year-old behind, but when her son begins displaying his father’s violent tendencies, she knows she must act.

In her quest to save her son, Delilah sets off a chain of events that could rock the community and reveal the darkest secret of them all. After years of staying quiet, Delilah must find her voice before her husband silences her forever.

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