🏵Confessions Of A Gardening Addict: A Fool’s Spring. Latest Update From My Hampshire Garden #SixOnSaturday #GardeningMakesMeHappy #GardeningTwitter

Spring is my favourite time of year. I get very excited by warmer days, longer daylight hours, birds nesting and bees awakening. Something happens to my fingers each springtime; they get itchy to plant things!

I’m a plant addict!

Confession 1: I’ve already planted lots of seeds!

Confession 2: I’ve gone too early with some of them🙄

Confession 3: Everyday I proudly beam over my growing seedlings, clucking round them like a mother hen.

So when I spotted this tweet by Páraig (from the three hairs blog) this week, I couldn’t help retweeting it and wanting to share it with my readers. It sums things up to a ‘T’ at my place.😉

Now let’s resume normal transmissions and get on with SoS.

Photo one is of my ‘green’ hellebore. I don’t know the variety, but I do know that I have left the plant too long it a pot and it needs re-potting or planting out in the garden. It got put into a pot when we moved house and I admit to forgetting about it. But after it flowers I shall plant it into a new flower bed.

Photo two is an orchid which has been battling with woolly aphid all winter. The aphids came in, I believe, on a new orchid which they destroyed. I have been picking them off by hand on a daily basis rather than spraying with chemicals.

Third photo is of a rather sad Primrose, I didn’t catch it at its best and the rest are in between blooms.

Fourth photo is a sample of my nasturtiums. There’s a story to these… I have not planted these before and I had plant envy seeing them in other gardens. I had a pack with 6 varieties, each pack only had 15 seeds, which didn’t sound many at the time, so I planted 2 tray fulls, expecting several weeks until the seedlings were large enough to pot-on. Well…7 days after planting…they needed potting on😮. Varieties are: Alaska mixed, Jewel Cherry Rose, Empress of India, Jewel mixed, Gleaming Gold and Trailing mixed -lesson learnt – nasturtiums germinated fast!

Fifth photo is of this tiny white orchid (variety unknown) which is also flowering.

Sixth photo is of the more sedate and slower growing Salvia (Blaze Of Fire), 11 seedlings from 12 seeds. I’m happy with that germination rate and speed.

Thank you for joining me for this #SixOnSaturday post. I hope that you enjoyed it. Jim is now our host for this gardening meme and you can find his blog here where you will be able to catch up with links from all the other folks who take part.

Happy gardening


29 thoughts on “🏵Confessions Of A Gardening Addict: A Fool’s Spring. Latest Update From My Hampshire Garden #SixOnSaturday #GardeningMakesMeHappy #GardeningTwitter

  1. Definitely elements of Fool’s Spring this week and working backwards to Third Winter early next week!
    Your green Hellibore caught my eye. Very beautiful tones. Reporting it will bring it on quickly.
    Enjoy the weekend, Amber.

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  2. The green hellebore is rather lovely and Páraig’s ‘actual seasons’ made me chuckle. I’ve not even begun to look through my seeds yet and work out what to sow. I must make a start, although if we’re heading to the 2nd winter there’s plenty of time yet!

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  3. We’re in the middle of the second winter here, but hopefully, the temperature will go up by mid-next week. A bit of a mixed bad this winter, but your plants are looking great, Rosie.

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  4. Beautiful! And you’ve been busy already.. I can’t imagine how satisfying it must be to watch those little plants grow and flourish.
    Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a beautiful March! ❤

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  5. I’m in Florida. I’ve already missed the spring planting. I’ve found that I can grow huge aloe, and Bougainvillea flourishes like a weed. Such a change from the Connecticut climate where I grew up.

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  6. Ha ha love the actual seasons chart! 🌸 I’m very impressed at how well you grow your orchids. I don’t really have a place to plant them, and have a little orchid envy!

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