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The Morville HoursThe Morville Hours by Katherine Swift
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The Morville Hours is primarily a book about how the author created a garden at The Dower House in Morville, Shropshire. However, it is much more than a book about gardening; author Katherine Swift has researched and included the history of the land, the house and many of the people who have lived and worked in and around the area.

At times the writing is quite poetic, while on occasions it seems to lose a thread or pick up a random point, but it suits the style of the book. Swift has also chosen to set out the chapters as they reflect the monastic Hours, a system and book which has survived since the Middle Ages. It adds comparisons to events in the gardening calendar and is an interesting addition to the book.

I found this a slow read, mainly because of its non-fiction aspect; the pace is very different from a piece of fictional work, but it drew me in and I enjoyed reading it very much. Certainly the garden ideas gave me great inspiration, especially reading it in February when I am on the cusp of Spring planting plans.

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Book description

The Morville Hours A book about time and the garden: that of the Dower House at Morville. It recalls the monastic past of the house. It covers from the crunch of grass underfoot at midnight on a frosty New Year’s Eve to the drip of trees in a melancholy March dawn.

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