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Today’s team review is from Sandra.

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Rosie’s Book Review Team

Sandra has been reading Finding Verity by Jenny Loudon.

This is the story of Verity trying to follow her dream to be an artist, despite her husband Matt’s unwillingness to compromise. They had long been planning to move to the countryside when their daughters left home, or so she thought, but now Matt is only thinking of how it all affects him and refusing to sell their London house. As the story is told entirely from Verity’s point of view, we don’t get his perspective and can only guess what he is up to.

Right from the start, it is obvious that all is not well in the marriage – we can see what Verity can’t. It is a long way into the story before we even find out what Matt does for a living, and this adds to his general air of untrustworthiness. Verity is a successful businesswoman so why does she sign the papers he puts in front of her without reading them? On the other hand, I really liked Edward, the American journalist Verity first met before she married Matt. They made an lasting impression on one another. Over the years they meet up every now and then – just as friends – and he is always there in the background. The characters are well drawn and believable, and the writing is very assured considering this is Jenny Loudon’s debut novel. The setting is split mainly between London and the south of France, which only serves to emphasise why Verity is so keen to get out of London and find somewhere to inspire her art. Even though her interior design business is successful, something is missing from her life. She needs to find out if she is good enough to make a living from her paintings, and is not prepared to put it off any longer. Her husband’s lack of support and selfish behaviour make her doubt herself, but in the end she must follow her heart. I found it a bit odd that Edward was said to be living in Burma, when it has officially been called Myanmar since 1989, but this made no difference to my enjoyment of Finding Verity.

Orange rose book description
Book description

The heartwarming bestseller from this exciting debut novelist. An unhappy woman. An unfinished romance. A sense that time is running out…

Verity Westwood is a successful London businesswoman whose husband is handsome but selfish.

When Edward Farrell, a nomadic American journalist from her past, returns unexpectedly, she is swept by the irresistible desire to fulfil her dreams of working as an artist, like her famous father before her. After being caught in a storm on the Cote d’Azur, she vows to change her life.

What she does not foresee is the struggle involved, the ultimate price she will pay, and the powerful force of enduring love that changes everything.

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  1. I read this one too. I agree about the husband and Edward. As a lawyer, I was appalled she just signed those documents without even looking at them. I mean, really!?! LOL! It was very well-written, I agree, even if I wanted to smack some sense into Verity once or twice. LOL! Sherry

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