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Pillar of HeavenPillar of Heaven by Kitty Shields
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Pillar Of Heaven is book one of the urban fantasy Pillar Of Heaven series which is set in Boston.

Graduate student Kate McGovern is desperate to escape her mundane job as a barista, so when one of her favourite customer hands over an invitation for a job interview, she is keen to attend.

The new boss, however, is a nightmare, but Kate finds that she is locked into a contract while the company is keen to use and expand her mind-reading skills. Soon unworldly beings and an assassination attempt on the boss drop Kate into a high stakes covert world.

Using telepathy as the central theme for this story, and the modern Boston setting, made this an enjoyable read and I shall look forward to seeing where Kate heads to in the continuation of the series in book two.

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Do you stop assassins from killing your evil boss or help them out?

With the holidays looming and student loans coming to call, Kate McGovern needs to find a good-paying job and fast, preferably away from the masses of caffeine junkies and coffee snobs. But finding a job sucks. Finding your first proper job after college when you have no experience and no idea what you want to do really sucks. Then Kate’s favorite customer puts her up for an executive assistant gig with one of the richest men in Boston. And suddenly, Kate’s luck has changed. The catch? Her new boss expects her to read his mind. Literally. And she’s pretty sure deep down he’s evil.

Still, the pay is fantastic, the benefits unbelievable, and after working in a coffee shop for three years, what kind of tantrum could this guy possibly throw that she hasn’t seen in sleep-deprived grad students before finals? That’s what she thinks until someone tries to kill her boss. On her first day. And then Kate finds out that if they succeed in killing her boss, it might end the world. Now Kate needs to figure out who’s behind the assassination attempts and resist the urge to kill him herself, all while making the perfect skinny latte with extra foam. No big deal. First jobs are always tough, right?

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