🌻A Week In Flowers Challenge #GardeningTwitter #Flowers #AWeekInFlowers Day #6

I am joining in with A Week In Flowers blogging challenge brought to you from Cathy at Words And Herbs. I recently enjoyed taking part in the #AlphabettyBlooms challenge over on Twitter and what better way than to keep the lovely colours of summer going with this new challenge.

From now until December 6th, post one or two pictures of flowers to brighten up the winter days for those of us living in the northern hemisphere. Then drop your blog link into Cathy.

My choice of flower for day six is the Sunflower. Nothing says ‘summer’ as much as one of these in my garden. This year I planted multiple varieties of them which was so much fun. I’ve dried the heads for the seeds too.

Own Photo of a red, Velvet Queen sunflower
Velvet Queen Sunflower
Own photo of Sunflower Valentine
Sunflower Valentine
Own photo of my sunflo
Flower heads on my Sunflower

15 thoughts on “🌻A Week In Flowers Challenge #GardeningTwitter #Flowers #AWeekInFlowers Day #6

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  2. Valentine is one of my favourites. I’ve not seen Velvet Queen before, she’s really beautiful. I can never quite get my sunflowers right, if I get the large number I want, they all end up shorter than I’d like, and when I get the height I want, only one or two thrive. Do you start them in pots, Rosie, and do you feed yours?

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  3. Pretty! Velvet Queen is one of my favourites. Those rich burgundy petals are always a joy to see. I didn’t have many this year but I also love seeing them in summer. 😃🌻😃

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