๐ŸŒผ#SixOnSaturday December 3rd In My English Cottage Garden. #GardeningTwitter #GardeningLife

Cooling temperatures and foggy days end my week as we step into December. It is harder to find six items of interest, but I am amazed with what I found for you. My garden makes me smile!

In other news, I’ve been joining in with #AWeekInFlowers blogging meme from Cathy of Words And Herbs. Each day up to and including December 6th we are posting one or two photos of flowers from our year of gardening to brighten the blogosphere. There are still a few days left if you want to join in.

December 3rd

First photo goes to my cheery garden helper who is always ready with a song while I work in the garden.


Second photo is of the first Primula spotted flowering this season. Although It looks like I’m not the first to spot it. The petals have had a dinner date with the some of my garden creatures.Or maybe leaf cutter bees? I’m not too sure.


Third photo goes to this spider’s web on the ceanothus which showed up in the fog with water droplets hanging in it.

Spider’s web on the ceanothus

Fourth photo is of some of the red berries from the Lily Of The Valley plants. I must keep my eye on them as they are quietly spreading each year in their patch.

Lily Of The Valley Berries

Fifth photo goes to the pretty leaves of the Blueberry seedlings that I am growing. Now to keep them alive over winter and thriving next year.

Blueberry leaves

Lastly this Calendula is brightening up the patio pots with a single flower. Long may it last!


Thank you for joining me for this #SixOnSaturday post. I hope that you enjoyed it. Jim is now our host for this gardening meme and you can find his blog here where you will be able to catch up with links from all the other folks who take part.

Happy gardening


December 3rd

28 thoughts on “๐ŸŒผ#SixOnSaturday December 3rd In My English Cottage Garden. #GardeningTwitter #GardeningLife

  1. Looking very good, Rosie! I saw a robin during a walk in Montjuรฏc a few weeks ago. I couldn’t remember ever having seen one here, but he was at the window of the School of Sports (and Olympic Museum). I guess it must have been a sporting enthusiast.

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  2. Those holes look much like a leaf cutter bee has been there. I had such fun watching them in my garden this summer. They discovered the buckwheat and made so many holes. She is so fast, it takes seconds and the she flies away with her prize rolled up underneath her body. I hope her brood hatches out well and that I can enjoy them more next year!

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  3. Lovely pic of your robin friend, I find they make even the most boring of gardening tasks more interesting.
    This is my first year growing blueberries, the plants hardly have any leaves left. I think I will have to do my homework and maybe add some protection for them.

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  4. I’ve always thought the autumn colour of blueberry bushes is underrated – you’s look fantastic! Also I have a massive patch of Lily of the Valley and have never spotted tiny fruits before. I’ll be out to have a look one day.

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