🌻Celebrating #GrowYourOwnProduce For This Week’s #SixOnSaturday Post. #GardeningTwitter #GardeningLife

This week I’ve been busy baking, making and harvesting some of the last items from my garden. Let’s see what I’ve been doing.

October 15th

First photo is of my ginger plant. Waaaay back at the start of the year, Fred showed us a photo of his ginger plant which inspired me to try growing one too. I planted a ginger root which I bought at the garden centre in early February. It took a loooong time to do anything, but many weeks later a shoot appeared. I’ve kept the plant in my conservatory all summer and it has grown many more shoots.

Ginger Plant

So last weekend, I had a peak at the roots to see what was happening. I gently broke off three roots. They are quite fun – I think that the middle one looks like a triceratops! There may even be a baby unicorn in the far right root.

Ginger Roots

I had a plan to make chrysrallised ginger. Ginger has lots of good medical attributes. I used a recipe from Georgina at From The Larder. Although I only had around 200g of root, I adapted the recipe and the quantity worked for me. I have left the rest of the plant to continue to grow, but I would definitely make this again.

Chrystallised Ginger

Next I moved on to the sunflowers that I have been cutting down. I was saving the seed heads, some for seeds for next year and some for the birds. As I have a lot of sunflower heads it occurred to me that I could also eat the sunflower seeds. I believe that all varieties of sunflowers have edible seeds and they make healthy snacks. So I roasted a batch along with some pumpkin seeds that came in the fresh pumpkin in last week’s Oddbox delivery. (Does anyone else use Oddbox? I have subscribed for a year now, we get a medium box every two weeks and I am always impressed with the range and quality of the produce).

Sunflower and Pumpkin seeds

My fifth photo is of another project. I am using my lavender flowers and seeds to make lavender bags. We have carpet and clothes moths in the house and I recently learnt that they avoid lavender.

Lavender Bags

My final photo goes to the last of the tomatoes from the greenhouse. The plants were going mouldy and were covered in whitefly, so I have brought them in to ripen on the windowsill.

Last of the tomatoes

Thank you for joining me for this #SixOnSaturday post. I hope that you enjoyed it. If you would like to know more about this hashtag, read founder Mr Propagator’s post here also find him on Twitter here.

Happy gardening


Jon’s last post as meme host is here. He is now handing over to Jim from next week, follow Jim’s blog, Garden Ruminations, here.

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  2. What an inspiring and interesting post, Rosie! This is something that interests me, too (the ginger and lavender thing) but I need a few more hours in the day (wish I didn’t have to write books, sometimes!!!)

    I have lots of lavender bags in my clothes drawers and wardrobes, and pep them up with the essential oil.

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  3. I’m interested that you bought the ginger root at a garden centre, so is it not the same as the root ginger you buy in the supermarket? Is it hardier maybe, is what I’m thinking, because if it were I’d find space for it on my allotment.

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    • It looks the same as one from a supermarket, I just happened to see it while I remembered Fred’s post and I bought it as a spur of the moment buy. I never thought to try it outside, it seems to like the conservatory light and heat.


  4. Great post Rosie, I love the idea of growing a ginger plant but I am struggling to find space for the cyclamens that I have just brought in, never mind a ginger plant.
    I always grab some sunflower seeds for sowing the following year and then I leave the rest for the birds. To be honest it hadn’t even crossed my mind to roast them lol!
    Looks like you have had a very good growing season and the photos look fab xx

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  5. You really ought to be tickled pink with the crystalised ginger. I use a lot in cooking, and just wash and freeze chopped bits. Then later a take out a piece and in just a minute or so it is easy to cut wafer thin to add to dishes.

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    • Sometimes it is just the delight of getting something to grow. I have 4 avocado plants in various stages, not sure fruit from them is a possibility in the UK, but the stones were always going into my compost pot, so I thought, why not!

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  6. What a fabulous post Rosie! I am in awe of your ginger. I have never had any success with it. I think perhaps I am too impatient with it. Did you use any bottom heat to get it going or anything? Mine always rots off… perhaps I’ve been keeping it too wet… great idea with the sunflower seeds too! Nigel Slater has a lovely recipe for green tomato chutney… 😊

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    • I got it damp, but not over wet, under a plastic bag until the shoot appeared. Sunlight but not direct sunlight and it was in my conservatory which gets a small amount of hear from a radiator and the kitchen. It took weeks and weeks for anything to happen, then whoosh! It took off with visible growth almost everyday. Then it likes regular feeding and I watered it everyday from the bottom. I began mine in February when not much else is happening. It gave me a project.

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  7. Snap I have been drying lavender from my garden for lavender bags too! I also use cinnamon and whole cloves in the bags and they smell divine and a little Chrismassy! Your ginger is quite impressive! I must grow some one day too!

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