🍂What’s Flowering In My Garden For This Week’s #SixOnSaturday Post? #GardeningLife #GardeningTwitter

I had great plans to bring you photos of a trip to Longstock Park Water Gardens in Hampshire, however, Covid has circled back to my household and the friend I was going with agreed it was best to postpone our trip. So I have had to scramble around my garden in search of six items for this week’s post instead.

October 8th

First photo is of a lone Linum (Bright Eyes) flower. This is from a packet of seed that I bought very late in the season. I sprinkled a few seeds out in the flower bed to see if they would still germinate. The rest I will sow next Spring.


Second photo is of a mystery flower. This plant has been growing all summer, it is just over a foot tall, has multiple heads (and some mildew!) The foliage is dark green with small slender leaves. The one flower that has just opened is small, no more than 2cm in diameter and has propped itself on the Cordyline. The only plant which I have found which might be similar is Sneezewort, but I would welcome your thoughts.

Mystery Flower

My third photo is of my Squashes, they are slowly growing although one has disappeared and may have been eaten by the visiting badger.


I am going to try growing garlic over the winter. I couldn’t find any at the garden centre, so I am using one from the supermarket. Not ideal, but I shall give them a go. I am starting them off in a tray in the cold frame.


Fifth photo is of some of the Morning Glory, the drought has kept them from taking over the garden, but they are still putting on a last show.

Morning Glory

Finally, I found that the harebells were still flowering behind the bushy Kolkwitzia.


Thank you for joining me for this #SixOnSaturday post. I hope that you enjoyed it. If you would like to know more about this hashtag, read founder Mr Propagator’s post here also find him on Twitter here.

Happy gardening


Linky to the Prop’s post is here.

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  2. Sorry to hear about the Covid. I hope you get to go the water gardens soon. They look lovely. I’ve grown supermarket garlic before. The first time I tried it they did great. The second time not so great (but then neither were subsequent attempts with the proper garden centre cloves either!) I hope someone can identify the mystery flower for you.

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  3. At least you are well enough to scramble round the garden. If you see some locally grown garlic at something like a farmer’s market, you will be getting some cloves that suit your vicinity. Hope you improve over the next week, take care.

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  4. Could your mystery plant be a self sown aster? or Symphiotrichum in the unlikely event of you preferring its current name. I discovered one in my garden this week so the timing is right, and mine has similar small leaves up around the flower and a developing clump of bigger leaves at ground level. You’ve reminded me about garlic, I have some of last years I must get in.

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  5. I too thought that your mystery plant would be some kind of aster.
    Sorry that Covid interrupted your plans for a nice day out. I have grown garlic from the supermarket with the same lack of success as the garlic I purchased from a nursery. I never seem to be able to grow decent sized bulbs.

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    • Thank you, I shall make a note of the Aster for next year, when it pops up. The garlic was only 35 pence so I shall give it a go, I get the most satisfaction from nurturing things at the early stages of growth.

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  6. That hardly looks like a cobbled together Six-on-Saturday, lovely selection. I used a supermarket garlic bulb a couple of years ago with a 100% success rate and they kept us going for months. As always, Jim solved your mystery plant. He is very knowledgeable and very helpful.

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    • There was definitely a bit of OMG what can I find to photograph, but the garden came to my rescue. The Linum was defiantly pushing out from under some marauding Foxglove leaves, the Harebells waved from behind a bush, the mystery Aster said ‘go on then, here’s a flower’, the squash shouted ‘me, me before I’m eaten by something’, the garlic were just grumpy having been split up from their cosy family group. While the Morning Glory were fading quietly, holding on just long enough for the photo!🤣


  7. Sorry to hear that you are confined to your garden due to covid, hope you get to see your gardening friend soon. Garden to the rescue for your SOS photos and a good six they are too!

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  8. Longstock Water garden looks delightful, so I look forward to your visit in the future. Sadly, Covid seems to be multiplying rapidly again. Hope the afflicted in your household recover promptly! My morning glory looks to be in the same state as yours. One last showing but tons of seeds already set (and dropping) for next year. Nice linum!

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  9. Yes, looks like knuckling down again over winter, or just living with Covid. It depends on your outlook, I know opinions vary. I haven’t given much thought to the morning glory self-seeding, the dry has kept it fairly tame.


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