⏰Time For This Week’s #SixOnSaturday Post. #GardeningTwitter #Flowers ‘N Things!

We’ve had showers of rain this week which the garden has been enjoying. I’ve rummaged round to find what’s blooming and have a mixed bunch for you.

Six flowers form my garden
September 10th

Fox And Cubs (Pilosella Aurantiaca) arrived in a pot of dwarf iris from my husband’s aunt a couple of years ago. Rather weed-like in the way it spreads with seeds similar to dandelions. It is taking over cracks in the patio. The bees love it, but I’m keeping my eye on it.

Own photo of Fox and Cubs wild flower
Fox and Cubs

My Sweet Peas have struggled through the hot weeks but they have greened up again and are still producing a few flowers.

Own photo of sweet peas
Sweet peas

I have a small hardy Fuchsia which is competing for space and giving some colour to the front garden.

Own photo of a fuschia

My Japanese quince has a few more fruits on it than last year. They will turn more range/ yellow later. The blue rope used to hold them back in the Spring, it has done a good job, but doesn’t make for a great photo.

Own photo of Japanese Quince
Japanese Quince

The fifth photo is of my Rock roses which are flowering again after the Spring flush. They have established themselves well in the bed.

Own photo of rock rose flowers
Rock rose flowers

My final photo is of this self seeded Snowberry (I hope) (Symphoricarpos albus) I do this see this around, I think it self seeds easily. It’s not in an ideal place but I will keep an eye on it.

Own photo of snowberry

Thank you for joining me for this #SixOnSaturday post. I hope that you enjoyed it. If you would like to know more about this hashtag, read founder Mr Propagator’s post here also find him on Twitter here.

Happy gardening


Six flowers form my garden
September 10th


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34 thoughts on “⏰Time For This Week’s #SixOnSaturday Post. #GardeningTwitter #Flowers ‘N Things!

  1. It all looks lovely as usual. It sounds like you’re already aware that snowberry is very invasive. We’ve let it rip at the bottom of our garden where it’s a bit of a jungle anyway, but fought it back elsewhere. Best wishes, Harriet

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  2. Lovely flowers all of them! The Rock rose is native here in Portugal and I have planted seeds which now is plats of 10 cm. Two white and one pink. Hope they will like my garden to grow in (they grow “everywhere” else).

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  3. How lovely 🌸🦋 thise snow berries are unusual. Are you able to keep your fuchsia out over winter? Do you eat your quinces?

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    • Yes some of the fuchsias stay out, it just means that they flower later than others that I over winter inside. The quinces really need to be made into something as they are very sharp. Last year I only had 3, but there are more this year.


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