🌺Hello September! Step Into My Garden For Another #SixOnSaturday Post. #GardeningTwitter #GardeningLife

After the hot and crisp summer, September looks cooler and hopefully will be wetter than the last few weeks. I found a few plants happily surviving to make up another six. Again I was surprised to get a full six.

Six photos from my garden
Six On Saturday September 3rd

So let’s see what the garden wants to show us this week.

First photo is of the bright pink rose (no name I’m afraid as we inherited it with the garden.) It fights for space with a fuchsia and the Croscosmia but it can rise above both when the time to flower arrives.

Own photo of a pink rose
Pink Rose

Second photo goes to my one and only Cantaloupe melon which I picked last week. So many of you wanted to know what it would look and taste like that I am happy to say it was delicious. I have saved some of the seed to grow next year.

Own photo of my Cantaloupe melon
Cantaloupe Melon

Third photo is of a very late courgette. It didn’t enjoy being planted out in the heat, but is now flowering and looking much healthier. I hope it won’t be too late to fruit.

Courgette Plant

Fourth photo is of the purple Buddleia which is still flowering. The flowers are smaller due to the dry conditions, but they are still visited by the pollinators.

Own photo of purple buddleia
Purple Buddleia

Fifth photo shows the Sedum, they have enjoyed the hot dry summer and are almost blooming. Another plant that the pollinators enjoy.

Own photo of Sedum.

Finally my white rose which has battled on all summer producing one or two blooms which have been a delight when so much else turned crispy.

Own photo of a white rose from my garden
White Rose

Thank you for joining me for this #SixOnSaturday post. I hope that you enjoyed it. If you would like to know more about this hashtag, read founder Mr Propagator’s post here also find him on Twitter here.

Happy gardening


Six photos from my garden
Six On Saturday September 3rd


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  2. Looking good still, and I love melons, so I hope you get a good crop next year. I have seen plenty of recipes for pumpkin flowers, and I am sure courgette flowers should work as well, but fingers crossed that you get some actual courgettes. Thanks for sharing your garden with us, Rosie.

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  3. Lovely colours in your Six-on-Saturday, as usual. Your courgette should “bear fruit”, it looks very healthy. Even some of my drought tolerant sedums are looking a little dry this year. Meanwhile, I notice you have a description of a book by Prue Batten in a different blog ofyours. I don’t know if you realise that she often joins the Six-on-Saturday crowd, although not forthe last few weeks.

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  4. How delightful 💞🌸🦋 I’m amazed the buddlea kept on blooming in the heat. But they are hardy little customers. My garden is too dry in summer for the normal buddlea but I can grow a few species buddlea, that obviously come from hotter climes. You grew a great cantaloupe. ☺🌼

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  5. I planted some cantaloupes this year, and they did pretty well! Something ate a bunch of them, and I didn’t pick some of them fast enough because I, er, didn’t know what I was doing and let them get overripe, but the ones I did get were delicious! I think I will do more next year.

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