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A Touch of Romance (Romantic Encounters #2)A Touch of Romance by Paullett Golden

4 stars

A Touch Of Romance is an anthology of historical romance. Part one of the book has a story set in Devonshire at the beginning of 1796. Leila Owen meets Jules Knowlton whilst attending a writer’s retreat. The pair bond as they are the only poets. Although they form a good friendship Leila knows that her father is making marriage plans for her with someone who will help advance his own career.

The story mixes Eastern languages and traditions with English ones; Leila’s mother is from India and Leila expects her marriage to be with someone from the East India company. Jules is a professor of languages and a talented poet. He provides a link between Leila’s current life and her possible future.

Although I don’t read poetry, I appreciated its role in this story and the sprinkling of foreign words worked well. The story is fun and has some good secondary characters and it is well-worth a read for fans of this genre.

After the main feature story (which is just shy of 380 pages) there is an added bonus of eleven flash-fiction tales also of a historical romance nature.

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Book description

Despite the odds, two poets manifest their dreams.

His recent appointment as Regius Professor of Greek has Jules Knowlton enjoying a life of leisure, one that begins with a writing retreat to stimulate his mind but ends with the unanticipated arousal of his heart. The problem? His newfound ladylove is arranged to marry someone else.

Leila Owen is a loyal and devoted daughter, one who would do anything for her family, anything except marry the suitor they’ve chosen for her. Using her poetic cunning, she schemes ways to convince her parents the man of her choice is a better match. The problem? The suitor is nothing if not perfect.

This is the love story of Jules and Leila, two poets who playact through life’s charade.

From second chance romances to mistaken identities, experience A Touch of Romance in this collection of one short novel and twelve bonus flash fiction pieces.

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