🕵🏻‍♀️#middlegrade #mystery The Lizzie And Belle Mysteries: Drama And Danger by J. T. Williams, set in 18th century London.

Drama and Danger (The Lizzie and Belle Mysteries, #1)Drama and Danger by J.T. Williams

3.5 stars

The Lizzie and Belle Mysteries: Drama and Danger is a children’s story suitable for 8 -12 years of age and above. The setting is London in the late 1700s and mixes a stage production of Shakespeare’s Othello with the fight to abolish the African slave trade.

The main protagonists are two young girls (Lizzie is twelve) who become detectives and try to solve the mystery behind an attack on Lizzie’s father at the theatre. The book also centres around the themes and rights of Africans and how the laws of equality were being fought.

The author has done a good job of adding historical facts within the storyline without it feeling like a history lesson. Lizzie and Belle are both sensible, likable characters and the secondary characters are all believable.

I liked the book layout which had plenty of excellent black and white illustrations, copies of letters and case notes and decorated chapter headings. The chapters, themselves are quite short which all make this easily readable for its intended age group. I did wonder if it is realistic that 12-year-olds in 18th Century London would have even known about the slave trade, but understand the purpose of the book.

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Book description

A thrilling middle grade mystery series, perfect for fans of Robin Steven’s Murder Most Unladylike. Set in eighteenth-century London, with all the fun and zest of Hamilton, Bridgerton fashion and inspired by real Black British historical figures.

Twelve-year-olds Lizzie Sancho and Dido Belle are from different worlds – Lizzie lives in Westminster in her dad’s tea shop, while Belle is an heiress being brought up by her aunt and uncle at grand Kenwood House – but they both share a love of solving mysteries.

And when their eyes meet in the audience of the Drury Lane theatre one night, both girls are sure they’ve seen something suspicious on stage.

Lizzie and Belle soon find themselves on the trail of a mystery – and becoming best friends. But can they work out what’s going on in time to prevent a murder?

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  1. A great review. This one sounds interesting. And I love that the author used Dido as she was a real person so that’s really pulling in history that children can research for more information on that era and her life. When I read fiction with real people scattered in the story, it always prods me to dig deeper. With the ease of the internet, I hope it does with the children who might pick up this book. Sherry

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