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Today’s team review is from Georgia.

Georgia blogs here https://www.georgiarosebooks.com

Orange rose and Rosie's Book Review Team
Rosie’s Book Review Team

Georgia has been reading Black Rock by David Odle.

Book cover for horror, Black Rock by David Odle, set against a picture of an tarmac road from a free photo from Pixabay.
Black Rock by David Odle

Black Rock launches you into the action right from the start with a family on a road trip needing to find a rest area and unfortunately choosing the small town of Black Rock. One Officer Jack Snider is introduced at this point. Fifteen years later he is Sheriff Jack Snider and as the story starts to unfold, he slowly realises the events of fifteen years before are starting to repeat themselves.

Pastor Thomas Loggins meets with Benjamin Clark believing him to be someone in need of spiritual help but is left not knowing what Benjamin is, or how he knows the things he does. Thomas is also given a terrible decision to make. A decision that someone in the town has had to make before.

Black Rock is atmospheric, gripping and very well written. It also has terrifically well-drawn characters. I thoroughly enjoyed the read and highly recommend it to all who like the darker stuff and don’t mind a bit of gore.

Orange rose book description
Book description

We all possess secrets. We lock them away. We bury them into the deep recesses of our mind. We go about our day and pretend they aren’t there.

That’s exactly what Thomas Loggins was doing. Going about his days. The head pastor of a small church in a small town. A family man, with a loving wife and a wonderful daughter.

Until one day, that all changed. It began as a typical meeting with a new member of the congregation. But Thomas soon realized this was anything but typical. This man knew things. Things that nobody should know. And he was making impossible demands.

Thomas’s simple life in the quaint town of Black Rock crashes into life or death when the stranger utters, “I know your secrets, pastor, and it’s time to pay the price…”

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