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Sandra has been reading Terms Of Restitution by Denzil Meyrick

Gangland thrillers are not my favourite genre, but as this was written by Denzil Meyrick, better known for the DCI Daley series, I was keen to give it a go. The action mostly takes place in Glasgow and Paisley where the Finn and Mannion families are engaged in a vicious turf war. Add in some ruthless Albanians and no one is safe. Two years previously, after the brutal murder of his son Danny, Zander Finn had disappeared and no one knew where he was, or so he thought. Now his old friend, Malky Maloney, has turned up to convince him to return home as his family is in danger.    

One of the strengths of this book is the cast of strong, well-developed characters, including several impressive females. Zander’s mother, Maggie, just jumps off the page and her obsession with cooking eggs, chips and beans provides a bit of light relief in the midst of all the violence. Zander Finn is a complex character, ruthless when he needs to be, but he is not all bad and will do anything to protect the people he loves. He is so well written that I found myself on his side, hoping that he would emerge victorious despite the things he had done.

Terms of Restitution has a strong sense of place with Paisley and Glasgow almost characters in their own right. The level of violence is what you would expect in a novel depicting the criminal underworld of a city. Everyone is double-crossing each other, no one can be trusted and the reader is kept guessing right to the end about what is really going on, or at least I was. Terms of Restitution is a tense and gripping thriller featuring convincing characters, believable dialogue, just enough humour to offset the violence, and a striking cover. I thoroughly enjoyed it and, despite being described as a standalone, I feel there is the possibility of more to come.

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Gangland boss Zander Finn is so sickened by the brutal murder of his son in a Paisley pub, he decides to change his life. Following the advice of his priest and mentor, he moves clandestinely to London and becomes an ambulance driver. But when his old second-in-command Malky Maloney tracks him down on a London street, Finn knows he must return. Both his real family and his crime family face an existential threat from Albanian mobsters determined to take control of the Scottish underworld.

Under the watchful eye of his charismatic mother, he must try to look after his lovelorn younger daughter and her older sister who is pregnant to his old enemy Joe Mannion’s son. His estranged wife, who has more than just a business relationship with Mannion, and his remaining son, crippled while serving in Afghanistan also require his attention. But most of all, he must take back what is his.

Facing the forces of law and order under Detective Chief Superintendent Amelia Langley, a ruthless gang of Albanians and a beautiful but deadly Italian woman, Zander Finn struggles for survival in a rollercoaster ride of brutality, tenderness, misplaced loyalties and the utterly unexpected. The path to redemption is a perilous one, and it begins to look like Finn should have stayed in London.

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