There Are Always Flowers For Those Who Want To See Them. #SixOnSaturday #GardenTwitter

We have had some gloriously sunny days this week. The birds are nesting, the bees are buzzing and the flowers are blooming. All I want to do is spend time outside enjoying it all. Every time I hear a bee I’m chasing it to get a photo. I did manage to sit and watch a miner bee digging in the soil to make a nest, but it was up in the woods rather than in my garden. I posted a video of it on my Instagram page here.

First photo is of the Pulmonaria which has finally flowered. It is enjoying the warmer days.

Second photo is of the flowering currant. I did show it last week, but now the blossoms have opened.

Third photo is of the first Forget-Me-Nots just peeping out. A cheeky plant which will self seed everywhere if left to itself.

Next photo is of the tiny Quince bush, since we moved here it has taken me almost three years to discover what it was. An over enthusiastic pair of secateurs were much to blame, but it valiantly survived and produced fruit last autumn. I’m glad that it showed me what it was.

Fifth photo is of the Grape Hyacinths. A pretty little flower which does its own thing year after year.

Last photo goes to the first of this year’s Rock Roses (Montpellier cistus). I only just spotted this one. I grew them from seed; the first year they didn’t flower, but last year I had a wonderful display in various pastel colours. Great for pollinators.

I am now off to repaint the back porch while we have some sunny dry days.

Thank you for joining me for this #SixOnSaturday post. I hope that you enjoyed it. If you would like to know more about this hashtag, read founder Mr Propagator’s post here also find him on Twitter here.

Happy gardening


Last week I chose to add a few links to others who take part in this meme. I enjoy reading the posts and learning all about plants and I thought you might like to see some of them too. I shall add a few more of last week’s posts here.

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43 thoughts on “There Are Always Flowers For Those Who Want To See Them. #SixOnSaturday #GardenTwitter

  1. You’re sending us a bit of spring. I love hyacinths but learned never to pick them and bring them inside – their lovely odor is overpowering in a room. Better on a spring breeze.

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  2. Your red flowering currant is looking lovely. I have planted a bunch here, as they are native, but I would be surprised to see flowers this year. Rock rose is a favorite here too, in part because it seems to withstand the summer droughts better than most.

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  4. Such a happy post. Spring flowers and sunshine are so welcome. I do hope winter doesn’t come back and bite us. My pulmonaria has begun to flower again, I was worried it had died off this year as most of the leaves turned to mush.

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  5. Such pretty photos, everything has started to awaken ❤ Your cistus is quite an early bloomer, I have a similar one and it is quite late to bloom in spring in our garden. Love the flowering quince, must get more of that! ❤

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