‘A #mystery set in modern-day London’. Rosie’s #Bookreview of Smoke And Mispers by @decimablake @pegasuspublish

Hingston: Smoke and MispersHingston: Smoke and Mispers by Decima Blake

4 stars

Smoke And Mispers is a mystery set in modern-day London. It is the second book in the Hingston series. Both books have a subtle, otherworldly ghost sub-theme which adds to the intrigue.

In this story DS Hingston has his evening cut short when he is unable to prevent the death of a teenager who is choking. Events escalate when another child goes missing and there is a link between the girls.

The mystery that follows sends Hingston along a trail with ancient Egyptian themes; I found it quite surprising how many links to Egypt can be found in and around London. Beneath the police investigation, Hingston is also on a personal trail to find details about a 19th century circus performer who shared Hingston’s facial features. This mystery runs on from book one and is mainly investigated by Hingston’s Uncle Zack, but it is interlaced with Hingston’s flashing visions.

I would describe this as a slow-paced story; there is plenty of visual detail to keep the reader interested and the sub-themes add extra appeal. I enjoyed the Egyptian element, having long had something of a fascination for ancient Egypt. The balance between police procedure and the investigation worked well; there was enough to understand how the policing worked without it overpowering the thrill of the story. This can be read as a stand-alone story, but it would be even better read as part of the series.

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As the first door on the Advent calendar is opened, DS Hingston attempts to save the life of a teenager in a crowded London café, but ultimately fails. Seventeen-year-old Leanna Snow chokes to death.

Days later, a girl from Leanna Snow’s school is missing and another misper is found dead: his body hanging within the iconic Egyptian Avenue at Highgate Cemetery.

Working under the bombastic DCI Smythe and alongside Remi, his ex-girlfriend whom he still holds a torch for, Hingston discovers the magic of London this December is dark, deceptive and murderous.

Hingston and the Murder Squad are put to the test with this complex investigation that proves to be as mystifying as being asked by a magician to pick a card, any card, not knowing where you will be taken.

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  1. I love that you can explore London as the reader and find unique spots in and around the city while they work to solve a complex murder. Wonderful review, Rosie.

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  2. I loved my trip to Egypt and am aware of some of the spots relating to this country in and around London (the British Museum and Cleopatra’s Needle). I think I would like this book. Thanks, Rosie.

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