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A New Day Dawns (Travels With Terry, #2)A New Day Dawns by Terry Lister

4 stars

A New Day Dawns is the second book in the Travels with Terry, a series of travelogues from West Africa. In this book Terry travels alone through Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast and Ghana.

Having read and enjoyed the first book in the series I was very happy to return to Africa under Terry’s guidance. An experienced solo traveler, Terry’s book is sprinkled with photos of his trip. I know very little about Africa and Terry fills that knowledge with his historical and economic findings.

Some of the slave trade history was hard to read about, but there were lessons here for us all. I was also interested in how many Africans who came back after slavery was abolished, chose to live as ‘masters’ themselves and built houses similar to the mansions of the deep American South.

It was also frustrating to hear of the poverty in some of the countries while Terry discovered how much governments spent on a handful of prestigious buildings. As often as possible Terry travels using local transportation and these included mini vans, sept-place cars (7-seater cars)  and motorbikes. Road conditions are often appalling and there are nearly always more people in or on any of the taxis and motorbikes than Western travelers might expect. I really admire Terry’s acceptance of what is ‘normal’ in Africa and also how he refuses to be charged high tourist fees.

Another entertaining book.

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He’s Back!

In his first book, Immersed in West Africa, Terry Lister took readers on a harrowing West African adventure in Senegal, Mauritania, the Gambia, Guinea and Guinea Bissau. In A New Day Dawning, the second installment of the Travels With Terry Series, he takes us to the edge as he ventures into Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast and Ghana.

This highly anticipated release is both amusing and historical, as Terry guides curious explorers beyond the tourist traps and pushes the proverbial and literal boundaries in search of adventure. Old and new experiences collide to create the perfect maelstrom of confidence and trepidation as he navigates the African coast. 

From pristine beaches and hectic markets to dense forests and ancient castles, Terry delivers an unforgettable adventure that is guaranteed to spark a soul-stirring experience for his readers.

If you are ready, let’s step into this adventure – again!

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