This Week’s Gardening News From My Hampshire Plot for #SixOnSaturday @cavershamjj

We’ve had a mild week in Hampshire and a touch of sun between the clouds. Even a much needed drop of rain on Friday. I’ve been out in the garden most days.

I have snowdrops! At long last they are raising their heads and more are opening each day. I have just been reading about the spiritual significance of some of the spring flower colours in Fairy Sparkles by Sarah Rajkotwala. White flowers, like the Snowdrop, apparently re-awaken the body’s Chakras after their ‘winter rest’. While yellow and purple, which we see in Daffodils and crocus’ awaken the solar plexus Chakra and help ‘warm-up’ the human body ready for increased activity.

My second photo is of the beech hedge. We’ve been giving it a spring trim. It is best pruned in late summer, but we missed that slot this year, so it’s getting a quick top back and sides now.

I’ve also been removing the rusted leaves from my Hollyhocks. I love Hollyhocks but damp conditions encourage the spores to grow. I remove leaves as I see them rather than apply a chemical fungicide.

My fourth photo is an update on my greenhouse. The beds are in and I have been sitting in the warmth re-potting my geraniums and taking cuttings. I added a shoe rack as a temporary set of shelves. My stool is a handy portable collapsible one.

Fifth photo shows the buds forming on my Camellia, I don’t know the variety yet only that the flowers will be pink. Hopefully I’ll get help later, when it flowers, with naming it from some of my fellow Six On Saturday gardeners.

Last photo shows stage one of a new flower bed. I have some grape vines suited for the English climate to go in the back and the rest I will fill with various plants that I hope to grow from seed (some I saved from last year’s flowers and some I’ve bought). Most will be plants that are ideal for pollinators. I’m on a mission to provide more for all types of bees in my garden this year.

Thank you for joining me for this #SixOnSaturday post. I hope that you enjoyed it. If you would like to know more about this hashtag, read founder Mr Propagator’s post here also find him on Twitter here.

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21 thoughts on “This Week’s Gardening News From My Hampshire Plot for #SixOnSaturday @cavershamjj

  1. That’s a very tidy greenhouse!

    I agree with you about Hollyhocks and rust – I don’t think the fungicides are particularly effective anyway. It’s better to just keep growing them from seed and replace them occasionally; seed grown plants seem to be a bit more resilient.

    Looking forward to seeing the new border take shape!

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  2. The greenhouse is looking great. I’ve just been revising Hollyhock rust (a weird coincidence) and as Kind Hearts and Corydalis says, the best way is to replace them occasionally or treat them like biennials. Apparently it’s advisable not to save seed produced by the infected plants either as it’s likely to be infected too. Crikey, I’ve actually remembered stuff.

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