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Wicked MagicWicked Magic by Margot de Klerk

4 stars

Wicked Magic is a young adult urban fantasy story set in Oxford. Nathan is training to be a hunter of supernatural beings; it’s a family tradition. However, he has a few doubts about this career; he’s friends with a witch, his uncle is a vampire and his new girlfriend is a shapeshifter.

As his eighteenth birthday draws near, life gets complicated when he rescues a girl from an attack by two dark mages. During the scuffle he confiscates a rare knife, one which drains magical powers.

The supernatural world in Oxford is controlled by a council made up of witches, vampires and hunters, with each group vying for power. Nathan finds himself in the unique position of being accepted by all three groups; quite useful when help is needed. He’s about to be tested by his conscience and his fighting skills need to be at their best for what’s approaching the underworld of leafy Oxford.

I really enjoyed the setting of this book and the paranormal world was quite easy to picture. Nathan had two sides to his character, the awkward teenage boy and the hunter in training, and I thought that he developed through the story at a good pace. A couple of times I wasn’t sure if there was a prior story to this book as there were one or two references to earlier events; however, a quick search has me thinking that this is the first book in the series.

There was room for deeper character development, especially of the supporting characters, just to make them more memorable, but overall I think this was a good story in this genre and I look forward to reading more from this author.

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Desc 1

Nathan is a vampire hunter on the cusp of graduation. He’s been training for this his entire life: the moment he qualifies and joins the rest of his family in their noble calling.

If only it were that simple.

His grades are a mess, his social life is a disaster, and what’s worse, his best friend is a witch! Add to that, his vampire uncle is back in town and his crush might just be supernatural too, and you have one big melting pot of potential parental disapproval. Nathan doesn’t think he can take much more, and then the dark mages come to town.

As bodies begin piling up in the streets, Nathan finds himself pulled deeper into political intrigue and a deadly plot that will pit him against his own family. When the girl he likes comes under threat, Nathan races against time to solve the mystery… well aware that with every step he takes, he comes closer to his father exposing all his secrets.

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