Gift idea for the hard-to-buy-for relative. Rosie’s #Bookreview of The Sunday Times Teasers Book 1.

The Sunday Times Teasers Book 1: Challenge yourself with 100 lateral-thinking puzzles (The Sunday Times Puzzle Books)The Sunday Times Teasers Book 1: Challenge yourself with 100 lateral-thinking puzzles by The Times Mind Games

3.5 stars

The Sunday Times Teasers Book 1 contains 100 puzzles with answers in long-hand or quick answer form in the back of the book. Each puzzle is clearly laid out making them ideal for those who like to test themselves.

I have a brain that works fairly well, usually, but, alas, it didn’t help me with any of these.

I enjoy a lateral-thinking challenge, but the puzzles in this book are heavy on the mathematical side. My ‘O’ level maths qualification of yesteryear gave up after reading through the first dozen puzzles. I’m afraid that I couldn’t get my head around any of them. However, if you are someone who regularly enjoys complex maths puzzles and (even better) is familiar with the style of these from reading The Sunday Times, then you’ll probably love this. I suspect that there are brainiacs who could do these while standing on their head.

I do think that this could be a great Christmas gift idea for the hard-to-buy-for relative who you know enjoys mathematical problems.  However, although the title suggests otherwise, there’s very little in the way of lateral thinking word puzzles between the covers of this book; I’d describe them as complex numerical problems rather than ‘teasers’, it has to be said.

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Desc 1

The ideal gift for puzzle book enthusiasts this Christmas.
If you relish a serious mental workout, this collection of 100 brain teasers will demand your very best lateral thinking skills and mathematical rigour to solve. These puzzles will amuse and perplex in equal measure.

But do not worry, full, detailed solutions are found at the back of the book so you can get into the head of these fiendish setters!

These mental puzzles require serious application, imagination and skill to solve. Some demand a logical approach, others a methodical, mathematical mind.

Are you up to the challenge of solving these rigorous but entertaining mathematical puzzles?

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