‘Packed with interest throughout every plot line’. @GeorgiaRoseBook reviews Victorian #Mystery Desire And Deceit by @carolJhedges

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Desire & Deceit (The Victorian Detectives Book 9) by [Carol Hedges]

It is 1868 and the inhabitants of London are suffering a heatwave. Detective Inspector Leo Stride and Detective Sergeant Jack Cully are summoned to the morgue, which is refreshingly cool, to discover a body has been stolen. They investigate and Cully, encouraged by his report writing, takes in interest in Constable Tom Williams for whom he sees a future in the detective division.

Meanwhile, as is usual in this series, there are other twisty plotlines and stories being told. Euphemia Harbinger is dying, so what is it that brings nephews, Arthur and Sherborne, rushing to her bedside, and what of her mysterious niece, Wilhelmina?

Miss Lucy Landseer has set up in business as a Private Consulting Detective and is delighted when a Rosalind Whitely requires her services in the case of The Suspicious Stepfather.

Then there is Micky Mokey and Little Azella, music hall artists, who share a small room at the top of a house. What is it that strikes fear in to the heart of Micky when he unexpectedly saves Sherborne’s daughter on the street one day?

It is hard to explain just how well this book is written but it is packed with interest throughout every plotline and so well told it keeps the interest and pages turning until the very last. The characters are fabulous and deliciously real and the outcomes in each tale hugely satisfying. Plus, I loved it when there were those little connections between the storylines that just added to the enjoyment. Highly recommended, and although each book can be read as a standalone why not treat yourself and start at the beginning, you can thank me later.

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It is 1868, and the body of a young man has gone missing from the police mortuary at Scotland Yard, an event that has never happened before. Who was the mysterious corpse, and why was he spirited away in the night? These are the questions baffling Detective Inspector Stride and Detective Sergeant Cully as they set out to uncover the truth.

Meanwhile, two greedy, unscrupulous, inheritance-seeking brothers, Arthur and Sherborne Harbinger, descend upon London and their very rich dying aunt, each determined to get whatever they can out of her, and prepared to use whatever methods they can to win her favour. And over in her newly rented rooms in Baker Street, Miss Lucy Landseer, consulting private detective, has been presented with her first ever proper case to investigate ~ and finds it is one that will defy even her imaginative and inventive mind.

Set against the hottest summer on record, Desire & Deceit, the ninth outing for this popular Victorian Detectives series, explores how the love of money really is the root of all evil. Once again, Victorian London is brought to life in all its sights, its sounds, its sordid and gas-lit splendour. Another must-read book, teeming with memorable Dickensian-style characters.

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Desire & Deceit (The Victorian Detectives Book 9) by [Carol Hedges]

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