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Rosie's #Bookreview Team #RBRT

Georgia has been reading Writing Success by Susie Kearley

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Writing Success is, as it says on the front cover, a book filled with inspiring stories of success, with hints and tips for making money writing. Now, I have to admit that I am a little narrow focused when it comes to my writing, as I’m always working towards my next novel. However, reading this book has opened my eyes to other markets as well as how to go about approaching them and, very interestingly, how much to charge, as well as details of rates of pay.

I really enjoyed reading all about writing as a journalist, the benefits and challenges of being a freelancer and where to find your inspiration. Plus, there are several stories of success, including lessons from independent authors, and I was delighted to turn a page and see a familiar face!

Writing Success is very well written, clear and concise, and I’m sure all writers would find it a useful read, particularly if they are looking for a creative reboot, like a couple of the writers in one of the stories it features. Highly recommended.

4 stars

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This book contains inspiring stories of writing success, with hints and tips for making money writing. It explores opportunities in writing for magazines, how much to charge, and covers inspirational stories of people who’ve quit the day job and become full-time writers. Whether you’re interested in writing for magazines or writing books, fiction or non-fiction, there are inspiring stories here for you.

The chapter breakdown is as follows:
1: Introduction – Beyond Covid
2: Writing for Magazines
3: Targeting Foreign Markets
4: Community Journalism – Launching a Newspaper
5: How Much Should I Charge?
6: Journalist’s Pay
7: Taking the Plunge!
8: Peter Jones: Happiness Guru
9: Creating Works of Fiction: Inspired by the Classics
10: Karl Drinkwater: Writing in Different Genres
11: Injecting Humour into your Writing
12: Crime Writer, Dave Sivers Q&A
13: Lessons from Successful Independent Authors
14: 30 Years to Publication
15: From Book Deal to Independent
16: Marketing Yourself and Your Work

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57550167. sy475

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