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Karen has been reading Ghost by Michael Jack Webb

Ghost (The Justice Chronicles Book 1) by [Michael Jack Webb]

The story starts in a hospital; Kate Justice wondering about the latest victim of the Ghost in the Darkness killer – a victim that looks familiar and does not fit the usual prey.

With Ghost”, Michael Jack Webb has created an expertly woven plot, an intriguing story of investigators chasing an unusual serial killer. “Ghost” comprises authentic main characters with sufficient depth – they gain complexity throughout the story. I had a great time reading – this is a very compelling read; I was drawn into the story after the first chapter, close to Kate, FBI profiler and her detective partner Chris. The plot offers food for thought, still keeps me thinking. I truly liked Kate’s thoroughness and mindfulness, the in-depth knowledge both she and Chris apply. I was surprised by the amount of biblical reference throughout this first book in a series – given the circumstances, this is pretty suitable. I consider “Ghost” a fantabulous mixture of thriller, urban fantasy, and biblical fiction. Having read the final page, I felt exhausted; exhausted because I felt close to Kate.

Reading this book made me want to watch a movie mentioned throughout the book; in addition it made me read one of my favourite classics for the umpteenth time.

I could imagine this a perfect plot for the “Fantasy Film Festivals” (they are known for unusual stories).

The cover is great – perfect for this story.

This is for you if you like thought-provoking stories and psychological as well as biblical fiction.

A remarkable story that requires reading the next in the series as well.

Book description

Enter a world where nothing is what it appears to be, and every clue leads an extraordinary young woman deep into the heart of darkness and beyond.
Kate Justice, FBI’s youngest Profiler, is assigned to find a serial killer with supernatural abilities.
The killer is elusive, cunning, and seemingly invincible.

Kate races against time to discover who or what is behind the gruesome murders and prevent another brutal killing.
She soon fears she’s in over her head as stunning revelations about her mysterious ancestry surface.
Hunter becomes the prey as the Ghost in the Darkness killer plays a vicious cat and mouse game, drawing Kate into a deadly confrontation.
Uncovering the truth will challenge her beliefs about the world around her and her understanding of what is real, what is a myth, and what is something in between.

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Ghost (The Justice Chronicles Book 1) by [Michael Jack Webb]

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