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Blood of TreesBlood of Trees by Rennie St. James

4 stars

Blood Of Trees is book three of the spin-off series of Atlantic Island: Guardian Books which is an expansion of Fred Shernoff’s Atlantic Island trilogy. Written for the young adult market, they feature time travel and a Mayan myth mystery.

This book was my favourite of the three book series, because the conclusive format brought together the threads from the other stories. I felt that I understood more about the Mayan history and myths too. The second story thread about saving the universe was less clear to me and I don’t think I ever really grasped that aspect of the storyline. However, that may have been because I haven’t read the original Atlantic Island stories.

Although this is the end of the trilogy from this author, the main protagonist’s tale will be continued by Fred Shernoff in an Atlantic Island II story.

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Book description

Time is running out for Scout Ainsley to save the world…and choose a college.

The artifacts continue to bring new powers. They also bring new enemies. He still has two more to find, but he has few friends left to help him. Trust doesn’t come easily to the former Atlantic Island soldier with memories of war and death still haunting his nights and days.

Scout’s journey isn’t over yet, and a new sacrifice is required. Blood must be spilled.
The question is whether Scout can survive his senior year and become the Guardian or if his past will destroy his future. 

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