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Karen has been reading A Year In The Life Of Leah Brand by Lucinda E Clarke

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His goal was to make her think she was losing her mind and he was succeeding. It took the help of others to accomplish his goal and left Leah in a situation where she did not know who she could confide in about what was happening to her. Making blue stuffed bunnies giving me the creeps now.

Leah Brand was happy for short period of time with her husband and two babies, until tragedy struck, and she was left widowed, childless, and grieving for her loss. She also had her own injuries to overcome. It was a long road to regain her strength and get her life back to a new normal. When she runs into Mason Brand, literally, a new life is set in front of her and she’s happy again, but that all changes two years into the marriage and a new loss for her new family. Things begin to change for Leah, and she’s being convinced that she is losing her mind.

I really enjoyed reading this book and did not put it down until I finished it at 2:45 AM. It is a story of deception, betrayal, strange happenings, and a woman that just wants to have a happy life and be loved. The things that Leah is put through would make anyone think they are going crazy. The characters in this story kept me wondering who was setting Leah up even when I thought I knew, by the time I got to the end of the story, I was still questioning everything I read. I love a story like this. The suspense of the story had the pages turning and my interest in the book for the entire read. I give this story a 5-star review and hope that I can get true and final answers about this story. It left me wanting so much more.

Book description

Leah’s nightmare began the day the dog died.

A few years earlier a fatal car crash took the lives of Leah’s beloved husband and their two babies, leaving her disabled. Life looked bleak. She was approaching forty, unemployed, broke and desperate.

Then she met Mason. He was charming, charismatic, persuasive, and a successful businessman, well respected in the community. His teenage daughter did nothing to welcome Leah into the family, but life is never perfect.

Then, two years into her second marriage, Leah Brand’s world is turned upside down; inanimate objects in the house move, her clothes are left out for the rubbish collection, pieces of furniture change places, there are unexplained noises and hauntings.

As the disturbances increase, everyone accuses Leah of losing her mind. Soon she begins to doubt herself and she starts to spiral down into a world of insanity. Is she going mad, or is someone out to destroy her? And if so, why?

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  1. Thank you so much Karen. I’m thrilled you enjoyed it as the ending has puzzled many people! Just this last week, I’ve read one book and watched two films that had endings that left me thinking. Book two gives answers and asks more! Thank you again.

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