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Although this is the second book in the trilogy, there is enough information included in a non intrusive way to understand about the conspiracy, and what happened in the first book, Voyager.

Matt Ramprakash is under pressure. His piloting days are behind him as he is now an operations officer for MI5 and there is a potentially devastating situation looming. A British plane out of Delhi is reported to have been hijacked by persons unknown and is heading for London Heathrow. It’s not confirmed whether the hijackers are terrorists or asylum seekers but as the drama unfolds it becomes apparent it’s something much worse.

When Matt’s suspicions regarding the Triumvirate seem to be realised, he and his wife Callie, who is still working on the Voyager project researching into the possibility of extra terrestrial life, find themselves again teamed up with former FBI agent Brad Barnes.

Barnes now heads Sentinel, a counter terrorism and intelligence operation. Sentinel’s secret weapon is the genetically enhanced former assassin, Mirage, otherwise known as Alex Ephraim. Matt and Callie’s previous encounters with Mirage leave them suspicious about her involvement with Sentinel.

As Sentinel’s mission becomes ever more dangerous and takes them into the frozen wilderness that is Antarctica, it’s anyone’s guess who or what they will encounter and what the outcome will be.

The characters’ lives have moved on in the years since Voyager and continue to develop as their personalities deepen. The story is told from multiple third person perspectives, giving a rounded picture as events unfold, while ramping up the intensity, intrigue and tension. Plenty of action and plot twists keep the story moving at a fast pace.

This is another excellent read from Carl Rackman. An imaginative conspiracy thriller with science fiction elements and, like this author’s previous books, is extremely well written and has a plausible storyline, which in this instance takes into account the strong desire for power. The plot is developed well and I’m looking forward to the concluding book.

Book description

The Voyager story continues…

Four years have passed since Voyager One sent back chilling photos of a spaceship from deep in interstellar space.

A shocked world prepared to meet the Visitors, but terrorism, pandemics, and global political turmoil have now consumed it. Discredited as a hoax, the Visitors have faded from public attention.

But the powerful global conspiracy known as the Triumvirate is behind much of the chaos. Creating a screen of subterfuge and misdirection, they prepare a clandestine welcome for the Visitors, whose origins may be more sinister than the aliens of popular fiction.

Standing in their way are the few brave men and women who foiled the Triumvirate’s last attempt to upset the world’s fragile balance of power:

Former FBI agent Brad Barnes leads Sentinel, a private intelligence and counter-terrorism operation founded in the wake of the Triumvirate’s last deadly plot.

Alex Ephraim – the former Triumvirate assassin known as Mirage – is Sentinel’s major weapon against terror.

Matt Ramprakash, former airline pilot and now an officer of the British intelligence agency MI5, is embroiled in a deadly standoff when an airliner is hijacked.

Callie Woolf, once the project manager of the Voyager mission, struggles against the sceptical government’s bureaucracy to continue the search for the elusive Visitors as her time and funding runs out.

Sentinel is the only organisation capable of taking the fight to the Triumvirate’s door – flexible, unorthodox well-funded and free of government red tape.

But as they pursue the Triumvirate from the streets of London to the wild, deadly wastes of Antarctica, Brad will need Matt and Callie’s help to stop the Triumvirate, which has its own plans for putting Sentinel – and especially Alex – out of the picture for good…

Sentinel is the pulse-pounding second instalment in the Voyager trilogy by Carl Rackman

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55381867. sy475

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