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When a rich, successful businessman dies in an accident on a large Highland estate, the Kingfisher undercover organisation is called in by his next of kin. For R J Rox it is only her second assignment as a well trained but inexperienced agent. She is reluctant to return to Scotland, her former home, as it is also a place of personal tragedy, but she is keen to prove herself. Unfortunately, she has to work with a man who has reason to dislike her.

Calling themselves Riley and Stuart Black, they explore the Buchanan estate under cover of darkness, but they soon find themselves in serious trouble. They are unsure who to trust but are sure there has been foul play. The characters with whom they interact are complex people reflecting the tensions of the situation. Knowing the west of Scotland personally I enjoyed the authenticity of the midges and the description of the countryside is clear and vivid.

As R J and her partner become closer, the danger increases, leading up to a thrilling, murderous conclusion.  This exciting, taut novel promises more thrills in future volumes of the series and I am hoping that we will learn more about R J’s feelings and her past.

Book description

On the vast Buchanan Estate in the wilds of Scotland, tech billionaire James Sullivan dies a suspicious death. Rookie agent RJ Rox is drawn back to a homeland to which she’d sworn she’d never return. She soon realizes the present is far more threatening than her past as she hunts the killers and the powers that unleashed them.

The close-knit community surrounding the estate is the perfect place to hide secrets and lies. RJ finds herself searching for the weakest link that will allow her access into Buchanan’s sinister world.

Thrown together with a partner who clearly hates her makes RJ even more determined to prove herself to the elusive Kingfisher organization.

Remote, desolate, and beautiful, the hills hide a killer lying in wait. Can RJ close the case before anyone else is subject to the same fate as Sullivan? Before she is hunted herself?

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55321382. sy475

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