Rosie’s #Bookreview Of #YoungAdult #Fantasy STORYBOOK, INC. by Parker Pace

Storybook, Inc.Storybook, Inc. by Parker Pace

3.5 stars

Storybook, Inc. is a young adult fantasy about Mica Psmith, a teenager who is about to be expelled from her school. The Principal suggests that she signs up for a new programme to help people like her, at a special boarding school. 

Mica has an initial psychiatric test, after which she is sent from her home in Seattle to the school, near San Diego. However, before she arrives, her train is hi-jacked. Frightened and unable to trust most of the passengers, Mica decides to make her way back home, with Roman, a young man she sat next to on the train. 

The journey is rather odd, with events and people that seemed out of place. The pace of the story is extremely fast with little time to contemplate the plausibility of a situation. 

I don’t wish to give away any spoilers, so I will move on to my thoughts about the story as a whole. This would work so well on screen because of the vast numbers of characters, but in a book I found it impossible to form pictures of them all. Add to this the constant change of scenery, and you have another reason for this to work better as a film rather than a piece of fiction. I did guess the ending, so there was no big surprise for me, but then I’m not the target audience. Overall an interesting concept, but it didn’t work well as a piece of fiction for me. 

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Book description

No sooner is clinically depressed heiress Mica Psmith expelled from the twelfth grade than the principal of her high school offers her a unique proposal. She can graduate on time if she enrolls in a secretive boarding school whose motto—The Program will change your life or your money back—is vaguely chilling.

In spite of reservations (if there’s one thing she doesn’t care for it’s meddling, and Principal Goodman is a meddler), Mica enrolls in the Program, setting into motion a bizarre series of events. Though at first the tricks seem harmless, the events grow increasingly more interconnected and dangerous. Alone except for her traveling companion, Roman, Mica begins to fear for her life.

Terrified of the growing possibility that the Program is little more than a theatrical con game, or worse, of the very real possibility that it is a death plot, Mica and Roman risk everything to uncover the truth. But is Roman really watching out for Mica or is he tied to the criminals tracking her every step?

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