Rosie’s #Bookreview Of #NonFiction Eastern Medicine SAVING ME FIRST III by Hui Beop

Saving Me First 3: Unlocking What's Always Within UsSaving Me First 3: Unlocking What’s Always Within Us by Hui Beop

4 stars

Saving Me First III is a non-fiction study of Eastern medicine and focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of our body organs and how these in turn affect aspects of our life such as health, wealth and longevity.

I found the book easy to read, joining in with the exercises, while the diagrams were useful, with their suggested ways to improve lifestyle and health. Many of the food suggestions were based on Eastern ingredients and recipes, which, although may be harder to obtain, were in line with the theme of the book.

The author talks about cycles of life and our current world Covid virus crisis, while offering some interesting theories. The main point of the book was about rebalancing of our bodies, minds and ultimately the earth; messages which are increasing in popularity across the globe. I liked this book, it made me think and reassess some of my eating habits. I found it easy to read, finishing it in just two sittings.

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Book description

We have a secret manual that comes with our body and it can ultimately show us how to save ourselves. We are much more than our organ systems. However, we can’t move beyond the illness and discomfort of our body system’s dysfunction. To live the life we have designed, we must first learn to understand our body. Most illnesses stem from the five disharmonized energy systems. By working on the underlying organ issues, most of these illnesses can be treated. Without the understanding or maintaining of our physical body, we have only limited power. We are shut out from accessing our inner source of information that holds the keys to health, money, power, dignity, and longevity. By understanding the laws that govern our physical body and respecting its fragility through diligent care, we can expand and optimize our body’s capacity to support and enhance our life’s journey, and save us from unnecessary suffering and disasters.

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