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A Lady and Her Magic (Faerie, #1)A Lady and Her Magic by Tammy Falkner

3 stars

A Lady And Her Magic is book one of the Faerie series which mixes light erotic historical romance and fantasy.

Sophia is a mission fairy sent to help the daughter of a duke who has murdered his wife. Single child Lady Ann, the Duke’s daughter, has been chosen to receive some much-needed help growing up in an adult world.

The Duke of Robinsworth is rumoured to have murdered his wife, a charge that he doesn’t deny.  Most of society shuns him because of the accusations; however, Sophia doesn’t fear him and their shared love of music draws them across forbidden fae and human rules.

I enjoy stories from both historical romance and fantasy, and I like to read books in the urban fantasy genre where fantasy mixes easily in real world situations.  However, I did struggle to accept the genre mixes within this book. For me, the fae world needed more world-building and depth to it to make it believable. How the two interwove also felt awkward; the fairy dust and pretty wings were sweet in a Disney style, but were ill-contrasted with the erotic sexual relationship between Sophia and the Duke.

So overall, two popular genres, but the way they were married together felt at times like sucking on lemons rather than being tastily believable.

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Book description

Rules Are Made to be Disobeyed…

Sophia Thorne is new to the Regency’s glittering high society, which resembles her magical homeland only insofar as both places are filled with ridiculous rules. Which means no matter where she goes, she’s bound for trouble…

And Scandals Are Meant to be Shocking…

The Duke of Robinsworth has flaunted and shocked society for years. In a moment of fateful mischief, Robinsworth encounters the enchanting and distinctly scandalous Sophia. Between her streak of magical mischief and his penchant for scandal, they’re about to take rule-breaking to a whole new level…

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A Lady and Her Magic (Regency Faeries Book 1) by [Tammy Falkner]