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Seasons Out of TimeSeasons Out of Time by Kimberly Wenzler

5 stars

Seasons Out Of Time is a beautifully written contemporary story about life and love.

Heather and her husband are taking their only child to university, an awkward journey because they are currently living separately. Heather already fears the loneliness that will result from her son Charlie’s departure. She meets his roommate, Cole, and is surprised that he is an older student; Cole reassures her that although he is twenty-four, he is a dedicated scholar and won’t lead her son astray.

As the story progressed I was drawn into Heather’s life, a somewhat lonely place, but life hadn’t finished with Heather; she only needed to take a risk.  And what a risk!  The story has many layers and I enjoyed seeing how Heather bloomed (pun intended). The pacing was just right, and I liked how I swayed first one way with my thoughts and opinions and then another.

This isn’t just about Heather; other aspects of life and love are threaded throughout the book.  We read about Charlie’s first college sweetheart, and about Heather’s sister, who has her own romantic challenges, while Heather’s husband teeters on the edge about his decision to leave the family home. I liked how the author used these as they reflect so many people’s lives today.

There is much to think about while reading this story; it covers some emotional subjects which can be hard to talk about; I thought the author dealt with these sensitively. I liked Heather but she triggered my emotions; I wanted to shout at her, then to be her friend, but eventually I felt admiration for her. To bring me through this range of feelings, in my eyes, makes this a well-written character. As for the ending…I can say it wasn’t what my heart wanted, but it was just right. I liked this book…a lot!

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Book description

Newly separated empty-nester, Heather Harrison, knows how to answer difficult everyday life questions. After all, being an advice columnist is a job she’s excelled at for fifteen years. But what would Dear Abby say about Heather’s romantic interest in a younger man?

After years of a lonely failing marriage, a man nearly two decades younger challenges Heather to live. But along with the excitement of the unconventional romance comes the negative backlash of others. And a secret that may shatter her.

A journey of self-discovery awaits. Will Heather be brave enough to endure it?

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