Celebrating 6 Years Of Rosie’s #Bookreview Team #RBRT With Team Member @NAGrangerAuthor

Recently we celebrated our review team’s six year anniversary by revealing fourteen of the team’s favourite books.

You can find out which books they were in part one and part two.

I invited some of my team members to tell us more about being part of the book reviewing team.

Welcome to Noelle Granger, who also writes book reviews at Sayling Away

Rosie Amber’s Book Review Team has now been up and running for six years!  I have been one of her book reviewers for much of that time. At first I only read books in my genre, but I gradually expanded to romance, sci-fi and historical fiction. That last is perhaps what gave me the push necessary to write my recent book about Mary Allerton Cushman, the oldest survivor of the Mayflower voyage.

The goal of Rosie’s book review team (RBRT) has been to spread the word about novels, novellas, short stories and non-fiction from self-published authors and independent publishers – to showcase talent found outside the mainstream publishing world.

I have had the enjoyment of corresponding with many of these authors about their books, making new friends along the way.

I highly recommend joining the team – it will challenge your review skills and introduce you to a wide assortment of genres!

Thank you Noelle.

5 thoughts on “Celebrating 6 Years Of Rosie’s #Bookreview Team #RBRT With Team Member @NAGrangerAuthor

  1. It’s great to hear that Noelle’s experience as a reviewer with the group has had such great impact on her writing. Her new book sounds like a must-read and I enjoy her reviews. Thanks, Noelle, and thanks, Rosie.

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  2. I was interested that it was expanding genres and reading historical fiction that gave Noelle the inspiration for her new book. I read a wide variety of genres but they don’t influence my chosen writing genres. I don’t think I could ever write romance.

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    • No, I suppose that would be down to what you enjoy writing about. However, I do believe that reading lots can help a writer with how they write by making them think about what works and what doesn’t. Plus I find that reading for review can be different from reading for pleasure. It can make you very aware of all sorts of elements of a book.

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