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Other Selves by [Chris Bridge]Other Selves by Chris Bridge

5 stars

Other Selves is contemporary fiction and can be read as a sequel to Girl Without A Voice or as a stand alone story.

Leah has just begun talking again after being mute for twenty-five years.  She is one of four siblings; this story revolves around three of them. As the ripples settle from a drama which recently brought them together, they now disperse: James’s life high-speeds into politics when a school acquaintance asks for his help. Danny questions the purpose of his non-working, privileged life, while Leah asks herself if Martin, her friend and lover, is the man that she really wants.

The three outlooks appear to be very different, but soon become tangled in what is described as a human thriller.

Chris Bridge knows how to write about people and lift them to an engaging level. He then does a great job of adding them to a twisted plot. I really enjoyed this story and have no problem recommending it, but I do think that reading the previous book would make it an even more enjoyable experience.

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Book description

Britain, 2019. When Patrick fell into the sinkhole, the Goulden family thought that was the end of the matter – until, driven by a growing sense of failure, Danny walks out of his privileged life to become a rough sleeper. Leah, who has started to speak again after twenty-five years of self-imposed silence, now wonders who she is and whether Martin is the right man for her. The brilliant James is still a brain without a purpose.

Outside the family, Keith Loadstone has escaped from the rigours of being a London policeman to find a quieter life in North Yorkshire. Jud Mindsett is an incompetent politician who hates being a Junior Minister and longs for power. Ivor has fled the restrictions of Putin’s Russia and wants British citizenship.

As these individuals thrash about in the mess of their own lives, chasing their other selves, their destinies become intertwined. Patrick’s body reappears, Martin stumbles upon some dangerous correspondence, and the Goulden family find themselves pitched into matters of national importance.

Chris Bridge’s third novel is a human thriller and a dark satire; a work of fiction that tells the truth in the way only stories can.

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Other Selves by [Chris Bridge]

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