Head To Top Ranked Blogs To Discover Some Great New Blogs

Happy Saturday! Here’s a quick post.

While searching for new blogs I have recently discovered Ranked Blogs run by Charles Sipe.

Ranked Blogs have lists of blogs for over one hundred topics such as: Book Reviewing, Baking, Green Living, travel and Yoga

The book review blog list currently has 114 book bloggers listed, so if you are an author and are looking for new reviewers do check out the list.

Cathy Ryan, from the review team is listed as well as this blog. In a show of support for featuring our blogs, Charles asks bloggers to help spread news about the lists. On the site you’ll see a one click option to vote for us and any of your favourite bloggers, just hover over the thumbs up image and it will turn blue, then ‘click’ to vote.

Depending on the number of votes, each blog gets a chance at being a ‘featured blog’ on the site homepage.

It would be lovely if you had a few minutes to look around Ranked Blog’s website, the black button above will take you straight there. Once you’ve checked the list and hopefully made a couple of votes, do click on the list of ‘All Topics’ at the top of their page and see what other blogs interest you.



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